Tasks we should do once a year (but nobody takes seriously)

first_imgRegulate the boiler. Image: iStock In our life we ​​usually have a defined daily routine. Small things may change, how to go shopping or meet a friend or relative, but usually there are things that every day that happens we do mechanically.This homogeneous lifestyle makes us not aware of the passage of time on many occasions. We focus on what we do daily and move from one station to another quickly forgetting to do tasks that at least we would have to do once a year. We focus on the daily and forget annual tasksFrom draining the heater to cleaning the digital lifecenter_img Drain the water heaterDraining the house heater on an annual basis helps to eliminate possible residues or minerals that have accumulated over time and that can affect the time the heater breaks down much earlier.Go to the doctorIt is not necessary to be bad to have a checkup and know how our health is. It is also advisable that if they have pets they have an annual check to know their medical needs have varied.Clean your beauty arsenalBeauty items also have an expiration date and their effects and features rarely work more than a year. Nail polishes dry, cosmetic products lose their effects and sun creams do not cover the sun from one year to the next. You have to keep the bag neat and free of products that no longer work.Check wheelsWheel alignment and its own condition are things that greatly affect a vehicle and should be checked at least once a year. Its good condition makes a vehicle safer and drives much better. In addition, it causes other elements to be affected and thus save money from possible repairs.Clean the digital lifeIt is important to keep the computer and everything it has inside, as well as everything in social networks. The terms and conditions usually change and that is why we must be attentive to the privacy and security settings that we have in our accounts.last_img