am four months of Adwords bidding experience summary on

this article is written for novice friends, other friends please ignore.

I have said I do Wangzhuan present a month on average earn more than 1 thousand dollars, I have friends to sniff at.

can only say these friends see things just look at the surface, only care about money, not to discover how to make, see a lot of recommended information in my blog, that all the money I earn is recommended to.

these one thousand simply rely on me to do this blog to promote these and those linked to the hang of the code, it is certainly not earn this number. And I didn’t say that my one thousand piece was made on my blog.

did not find my blog, there are a few I personally wrote the bidding experience? I have one thousand of these more than $90% from the auction. I recommend the blog and the alliance, as well as some of the money earned by advertising, a month enough for me to buy a cheap domain name it.

‘s not to say, to the point. In this paper, we will illustrate two problems:

, is not to say that the auction will need a lot of money, this in your operation proficiency and your desire to make money.

two, the product is not necessarily competitive bidding agent products, looking for customer service, looking for logistics. With Taobao products, can be fully automated to make money.

a lot of online bidding auction articles that need to invest a lot of money, and will definitely do early losses, I might be lucky, now almost four months, I do not lose a penny early.

I am a student, not how much money out into the auction to me once put up is five hundred months, when I first do the bidding, because no one is not familiar with the show, light with some speculation and conjecture of the first direct charge the two hundred Google account. Go, too late to regret later, because Google novice account can be donated 350 pieces of advertising, I did not get a.

is the first ad group to do the 114 union software download class cpa. When bidding small month of the word, a friend not the music, I think less than a penny earned, and two hundred pieces of nine out of ten to naught.

results did not earn a penny, but through the bidding, I have a lot of questions to unlock the heart.

next, I began to care about the sales class. Once again filled with three hundred to my Google account. Did not go to the agency what products, but also did not engage in any customer service system, not to mention the application for 400 phone.

directly on the Taobao alliance to get a commission of more than 10% of the link in a product, do Adwords friends know, Google ads require that the URL and the target site to the main domain name to be consistent.