Talk about some disadvantages of the universal host

The early years of the

HTML pure space also makes many friends site intoxicated, now estimated to have few friends station earlier this year to a page and a page to the HTML page space manual. Now the website is the entire station program, a lot easier. But the days of hand coding HTML code is also a wonderful memory. Now the host can support program types can basically be divided into: PHP, ASP, all-round type of three. Most IDC will provide an all around host directly.


, PHP basically is the construction of Linux/FreeBSD + Apache + MySQL + PHP technology, virtual host of this type have been developed abroad for a long time, the technology is relatively mature, the general control panel function is very rich, management is relatively complete. Note that the PHP program most MySQL database support, but MySQL is basically the standard configuration of the PHP space, this is the general performance is higher than that of PHP space ASP space, but the price is higher than the corresponding one of the reasons of ASP space, currently more common. read more

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ZERO the details of website construction determine success or failure

do not take small evil for it, not to good small and not for, do site, just like this sentence, should pay attention to the details of the site, a lot of time, a small detail can determine the success or failure of a web site.

to do a web site, we must pay attention to user experience, we must pay attention to the optimization of the details of the site.


website — focus on user experience, users feel good, the construction site is half the battle, the user experience is good, the site back rate, the conversion rate of PV is high, the value will be high. And the user experience is good or bad, mainly related to some details of the site. For example, a download site, if you put the download link in a hidden corner, and conspicuous is thunder, express the fake download link, the user first is cheated by you to spot the fake website download link, so the conversion rate of PV is definitely not high. Why? Because it is a false information throughout the network era, the user has been tired of these false information, if the user first point is false download link, then this web site to the user directly to the lowest degree of goodwill, it also talk about what back, PV conversion! For example, the movie website, there is a common characteristic of many movie sites, popups, Windows media advertising everywhere fly, especially pop (rise Wanatchee pop ads alliance can well illustrate this point), don’t tube is the website or small website. The big website is better said that, after all, they have more resources, there are a large number of loyal users, and the traffic flow from the search engine is also very high. But the small website also put these ads to be justified, so what do you take to those sites to earn read more

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Talking about local gateways from a year of nternet

from the end of 06 began to contact, do station, then do a local portal station, do more than a year, now a few hundred IP, not to say URL, said heartache.

for 08 years, for China, it is a good year, in China, there have been many big events, snow disaster, the Olympic Games and so on. The Internet industry also has its own story, and I myself have started the journey of the Internet again.

portal really hard to do, if it is a person (not a team) to do, I advise you not to do. Now, I’m doing a money management website: I hope it’s a good start. read more

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My little station from the site to the experience of making money


website is to make money, I do from the beginning of the year before two years now, one is just graduated, do not know what the website construction, the feeling is quite deep. Will do very cattle, in the home town after graduation to find a job. Is the dream of the company from the network the website, the colleagues of the company are good, taught me by ASP program website, not wordy. Probably from the beginning of last year, set up their own website, now to introduce some of my personal experiences in Advertising: read more

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Talking about ten aspects of improving user experience

can say that the user experience has become in today’s society, not to mention standard, if carefully, you can in each place, any one industry to hear the word, from Online to Offline, from the concrete to the virtual, and no matter how to say, all of the user experience are based on a point, that is to the customer as the center.

in this way, the user experience has become a link between the line and the line, for the original seemingly unrelated two systems took the line, so as to provide a shortcut for the future development of the internet. At present, online enterprises and traditional enterprises have the common sense, or experience online and offline sales model, or online experience offline sales model, which is the most basic research aspects of the user experience. read more

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New station day Baidu included experience

always feel the same surname exchange is too difficult, I am surnamed Xin, is a relatively rare surname, accounting for 9/10000 of the number of (PS: personal has been said to be 0.09%, but one clan than that of 9/10000 shock, after all 0.09% is still 0 after several side of it). Although there are a lot of clan established N QQ group, but still feeling communication inconvenience, so on the initiation of the idea of doing an SNS website

initially selected domain name is, the old Xin Jia Chinese spelling, but the feeling is too long, not too good memory, then used a night time selected domain name, and ultimately determine the VC domain name Personally prefer this domain name, because VC is the abbreviation of the English Virtual Community virtual community, very consistent with my SNS site positioning. read more

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A good attitude should overcome the habit of laziness

used to go in and out, forums, websites, never written about the experience and experience of the site, and.

every time I see some good articles written by myself, it is a desire to write. Don’t write. But he did not have the experience, not climate, sometimes really want to give up. But what is the support I have been walking? Is the station network, China, is behind, there are some large webmaster alliance, and exchange exchange group and individual stationmaster, make my heart surging. My heart surging strong go down. read more

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Details determine success or failure and so do websites

nowadays, this is a time when websites are overflowing. How can you make your website outstanding, became the main problem of stationmaster now. To solve this problem, you need to know what your customers are aiming for (that is, what you want). Of course, the information, so we have the right to make the website, it is necessary to provide valuable information. Of course, providing unique, valuable information is better.

summed up the experience of the Internet old door, the heart has the following points for reference: read more

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How to solve the customer’s doubts about the effectiveness of network marketing

network marketing in the current enterprise can be described as sweet and strange, gracious is Chinese has 400 million users of the Internet, watching colleagues a fast in the field of Internet, you also want to have a share. Strange is that many companies think network marketing is to build a website to get away, you still don’t think this is my chance, I work in the past two years the two or three line of the city, such enterprise is really be too numerous to enumerate.

encountered in most cases, owners want a website will be able to put them all and usually requires a fix, a detailed data feedback, for example to build this website, do optimization, and do some activities on the site, you can guarantee how much amount of customers? In other words, i.e. how to monitor the effect of network marketing read more

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How to maintain good network spider

when the web spider has come to your station, how can you keep it better and let it serve you better?

should let the network spider have something to eat every day, but also to ensure that the network spider can go deep into your station, the station’s pages are dug out, this is very important. I am in the station, and network spider intimate contact, to understand its habits, and a little experience to share with you:

1. ensure the site structure, simple and reasonable, reasonable inside chain, smooth, best can form a network that can reach any station page in any one page; the chain to ensure the quality of the premise, increase the number of. read more

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Absolute dry the biggest plastic three party press release operation mode subvert your imagination

last time an article said that more general, so we also have a lot of questions, I feel that I am fooled everyone, I feel that before I see the service unit broken station is Huyou people.

today is going to share with you the cheapest way to get customers. Of course, this method is a bit too small to see. First give everyone a picture:

believes that everyone has already seen something in it. In fact, the issue of the region’s press release, this news release is also cheap, about 1 yuan an article, the three sides just stop the hospital brand words of the project traffic, the country at least 30 thousand per day. In the 30 thousand traffic, no matter how to make hundreds of customer’s telephone number, send a single to the hospital is still very easy. So before I said I was a friend of dozens of customers, please count yourself. We issue 5000 copies each day, only 5000 yuan. 5000 yuan can intercept the number of hospital brand traffic, we can carefully think about it, but the number of customers is brought, compared to the bidding is simply a gold price, and one is the price of cow dung? read more

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Can web games really grow up

"web games are the first thing we call," Sun Wenjun told Tencent technology. "The original name was" WebGame "or browser games."

Sun Wenjun at the end of 05 created a "OGame Galaxy Empire" Union Union nature of the forum, 06 years from the same German web game "Travian" also found his forum for cooperation. And these two games, WebGame industry has already said that the first ancestor.

follows the Chinese web game of OGame. There are "world of war" and so on, and "Travian" has attracted the enthusiasm of China’s WebGame industry". read more

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Layout local life service O2O billions of market feast crisis and opportunity

recently, a "O2O" by the Internet heavyweights berserk: the next level market of hundreds of millions? "The news circulated on the Internet, many industry insiders expressed concern.

article mainly said the following points: first, in 2015, China’s O2O market size will reach 418 billion 850 million yuan. Future insiders expect: life class O2O will be the next billionaire market, is currently the only market to generate super electricity supplier areas. Two, Tintin Network model is very good, received a number of Ali investment. In March 18th this year, Tintin discount officially launched the terminal equipment, Tintin preferential verification machine, announced the first to complete the O2O closed loop. Three, the giants are in the layout of O2O. read more

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Do station first person explain blog circle three big bad habits

success often have altruistic spirit, and blindly to obtain often is to make their own way more narrow, and eventually failed, life is so, do stand is also so. No blog blog has been operating for more than a year, has seen many webmaster, bloggers do not discount the means and ultimately failed, to share with you today independent blog circle three webmaster habits, hope you learn a lesson.

one, QQ group spam

many independent bloggers have their own QQ group, share their business with a business, such as if the competitor is allowed to join the QQ group, but there should be learning mentality, see what people share in the group, but can not remember the group sent to people for their own advertising, this is. The enemy. read more

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How to register domain name and choose domain name

each site before construction, will be the first time to consider choosing a practical and easy to remember domain name, but in the query domain will find meaningful domain name, almost all have been registered by a space, then we need to change our ideas, but the domain name is registered with the US? What should I do? I came here on the choice of the domain name and domain name registration, will let you help.

1: do you have to register a short domain name,


short domain name, a memory richly endowed by nature advantage, but now the situation, all four digits or letters of pure pure digital is not, and the five letters, meaning is less and less, so, how do we solve? We can recommend Du Zhen consider the appropriate add some meaningful letters in the back, so you can make us easier to remember domain name. For example, Beijing appliance maintenance, that is, with the first six words Pinyin registration, very meaningful, but not repeated with others. read more

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Lwash dedecms modification techniques

lwash is a good use of open source, why so popular now. Today I will combine their site experience to share with everyone, especially in the novice some help, use the dedecms site is actually very simple, if you master the skills, of course, I personally think we still need to understand the point of HTML and PHP, CSS language, you do not need to program, but at least do you want to see to understand, it can be easier to modify, now, the establishment of the dedecms experience and skills used today to talk about the main read more

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Enter in March from new media operation to App cold start


When I first came to

in fact, I don’t know if I should be doing operations or products, everyone says this post product is good, but I think their technology is not very understand, but operations and products have the same place, relatively speaking, a little better in the operation, I chose the operation. In fact, many people have come into contact with me, and my current feeling is that the operation is more suitable for new entrants. So I started with the new media business.

new media operations: read more

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Creativity gets 2000P for free every day

the specific method is:

1, to register an account of potatoes (of course you omit this step) in this podcast inside the "profile" put on your website address (can do pretty) PS: profile in home management after you landed potatoes inside

2, dot "potato net" on the "label", look at the following Hot 100 sign

3, choose a "tag" into clicking on the "Edit" your potatoes podcast address in it (of course want to delete the connection effect of others) PS account to register: potatoes after a week can be used to edit read more

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Enterprise website operation that small matter regression simple acme

I have always thought that the website operation is a sensitive topic, at least in the webmaster circles, why? Because the word heard too much, know too many people, Feng Zhiqiang thinks that he dare not write have little talent and less learning, good display slight skill before an expert, even, if writing is not good, must be N people spray.

In fact, the

website operation this thing as well as love, each have a hobby, but the ultimate goal is to orgasm, as for you to ask how to do? I’m sorry to say no, I just told you, undressed, go to bed, the following action, ourselves. read more

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41 key points of Web2 0 experiential website design two

Web2.0 experience website design 41 key points (1)


Web2.0 era, experiential marketing, experiential website design begins to mainstream, so experiential site specific performance means what? Where? At the weekend, according to some experience and observation station, referring to some of the recommendations of friends, summed up the experience of website design four aspects, 41 key experience points, sorted out of, but is still relatively simple, comwit to share with you, welcome additional advice. read more

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