The quality of the era of Shanghai dragon optimization should be how to do

so in the website, do not blindly freeloaders, to learn the original high quality content, put on the website if you do not give up, so naturally it is difficult to return, if you are willing to invest construction, coupled with appropriate marketing, your website can soon become love Shanghai news source, so your website can get considerable profit.

Although Shanghai love >

from the background with sea search engine algorithm for frequent updates, enhance the quality of Internet content has become the ultimate goal, to false information, spam not become the Internet rapid expansion of common voice under the background of many users of this website, as Shanghai Dragon Phoenix optimization personnel is to follow the trend to follow the supreme quality or fight against the current all the edge ball, and in order to get the attention of the search engines improve website ranking. Look behind this approach is still very tempting, but in fact difficult to implement more and more high, and the cost is also more and more big. read more

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Cosmetics into the mature period of group purchase nterpretation of the three revision of the pa, a group of beauty — _ genuine beauty skin care / group purchase group purchase value _ beautiful every day

two, – – jumei贵族宝贝 – the opening of the new international domain name jumei贵族宝贝 early

during this period, the time span is very long, it will be two months, this is the beginning of jumei贵族宝贝. "Beautiful gathering, bring a romance to a happy ending" slogan has repeatedly in the network media, but the media, and other media exposure. Chen Ou’s eyes not stare at the group purchase. It is ready and "mission" to say goodbye. Just borrowed about the wave of your own group purchase promotion website, accumulated a lot of loyal customers. read more

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About Shanghai dragon life cannot do without the three points of attention

< >

then, as Shanghai dragon, how much of your friends and contacts, this point, often reflect the things that can be found in your blog, for example Links number, such as a number of comments, these are all can see. Friends and contacts, as an essential resource for the owners, after more than a friend, what problems can be directly asked, may need to buy space server, can also be discounted, may need to take new area can get a free link, which can be seen, and I find the Shanghai dragon friend, you some love your own friends, said his Shanghai dragon story, but not hackneyed and stereotyped expressions record the daily life, and what I did, what I was thinking, and things, I think this is the idea of man, rather than looking at the theorists, too much pressure. read more

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Now on the personal blog of Shanghai Longfeng optimization as well as the future of it

if the content from the point of view, personal blog in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is extremely important, but if only rely on the construction of the chain, relying on the website structure optimization, and the optimization of some of the details of the work, these do meticulous, it can let the user get help, because the user login personal blog is the key to read the content, which can help solve all kinds of problems of their own. If the personal blog content is a lot of fuss, or copying other sites, or lied, stray Trinidad, no matter how rich the content, the website optimization details of how good, it is very difficult to impress users, more able to attract loyal customers. read more

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On 2013 we should be how to deal with the love of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm

In 2011

launched Google panda algorithm, aimed at reducing the low quality content of the website ranking, 2012 Google launched the penguin algorithm, the main purpose is to fight spam chain. Love has been in Shanghai to follow the practice of Google, so the launch of Scindapsus algorithm is not strange, Penguin its role and Google similar. But eventually, after we do Shanghai dragon can only do the white hat Shanghai dragon, the user experience is always the truth, high quality original content is to insist on doing. Spam links to do less, for Links requirements are raised, the correlation is the first factor to consider, in fact, these people. read more

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Google search algorithm not friendly to the mobile terminal ranking will drop

Google said in February this year, the upcoming adjustment of the search algorithm. Google said: "the adjustment will affect the movement of all language of global search, and of our search results have a significant impact." (Li Li

algorithm adjustment does not affect the tablet computer and the PC side of the search results. However, due to the mobile search Google search engine has accounted for half of the number of search, many websites will pay attention to the adjustment of Google. If you failed to keep pace with the Google algorithm adjusted, many websites will pay a heavy price. For example, last year when Google released the Panda 4 upgrade, including the eBay brand’s performance are affected. read more

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Do site optimization must know how to cast good spider love Shanghai

two, every day to update the content of

, spiders love to eat fresh content

if the site content is not updated every day, it will let the spider feel no interest, because it is a thousand times the face, to let spiders crawl dynamic content. So for the webmaster, web site update is necessary to work every day. For updated content, appropriate to add some original content, or by reprint articles, is also very necessary, because the love of spiders in Shanghai for some high quality content, even repeated eat is feasible, so appropriate to reprint update necessary, but here to remind the webmaster, do not collect. This is a pseudo original, plagiarism is extremely hate spiders love Shanghai behavior. Is there a benefit without harm to the website. read more

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Arsene teach you how to suppress negative information

we do website promotion should have found such a situation, it is home to many negative, but also from a website negative little, that is to say, in the pages of a web site ranking love Shanghai home information there may be only one, then the principle is very simple. If there is negative information to know love Shanghai, so agree, he also went to Shanghai to know a love that message, which give the same keywords, and do a few pages outside the chain, like the author wrote an essay like this "share to send the chain" to novices. It recommended to their forum prove that the messages with a few links, then let the search engine think this site is true for users, so you can put those negative information back to squeeze. read more

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Guess love love Shanghai Haili push behind the search engine optimization guide 2

search on Shanghai Longfeng words, such as "Chengdu Shanghai dragon", "Sichuan Shanghai dragon", Beijing Shanghai dragon " " the city of Shanghai dragon, there are some tips: "love Shanghai reminds you: do not believe the rhetoric and the case of Shanghai dragon company, Shanghai dragon may be unfair risk to your site. The webmaster of Shanghai Longfeng recommendations on the site before reading the official guide to love Shanghai." And for the next second love Shanghai library "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2.0[official version]" page. I love Shanghai for their high weight library, not in a short period of time have risen to every city before Shanghai dragon ranking. Love Shanghai why occupy the city of Shanghai Longfeng keyword ranked first read more

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1 months to get a number of Web site keywords ranking

specific how to operate the chain as everyone knows, here I say what is reasonable to release the chain so that the site quickly get more keywords ranking. The first target keywords to send, but the beginning of the center of gravity not staring at the target keywords. But on the long tail keywords. Secondly, posted a link not only the alignment page, content page and directory page to multiple (even if it is not included). Finally, the chain of correlation based, supplemented by soft.

first need to be clear is that a keyword should be clearly corresponds to a URL of it, this is to do a single keyword weight concentration. The second is to use the bold tag reasonable, because the keyword is to let the spider put these words all retrieve it in Curitiba, thus increasing the number of long tail keywords. The last is to improve the site collected, here are 3. 1: the directory page URL into sitemap. Submitted to the search engine, and set it to grab high weight. 2: perfect the breadcrumb navigation, the breadcrumb navigation is divided more detailed, in order to provide more entrance. 3: recommended directory page in other products. The 3 point is to provide entrance working directory page, so as to improve the site collected. read more

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Clever use of love Shanghai sharing website optimization more handy


(2) is convenient for users to share and publicity website. Now the Internet to share, as long as there are people willing to share, willing to share, this element will soon be able to fire on the Internet, such as the "lovely song", "bird tertiary" element is a typical example. When the site put on love Shanghai to share, the user can conveniently share our website, Web links can easily be reproduced, forming a spontaneous high quality the chain, this is undoubtedly of great benefit to our optimization. read more

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Du Baohua how to query the web site outside of the chain with English Yahoo precision

2, click InLinks, click the import link, as shown below:


Description: the Yahoo query tool, only shows the first 1000 links. There are many features, you can have a good look.

source: 贵族宝贝dubaohua贵族宝贝/>

is representative of your site, behind the two drop-down menu for our individual choice, in which Show Inlinks, from all pages behind, on behalf of all into this domain links, including links to the station, Except from this domain is the representative of the domain name in addition to the import link Except from, this subdomain on behalf of the domain name in addition to the link. In the to behind, there are two options, Entire Site on behalf of the whole station, is introduced into all links to this site, including the home page and the inside pages, Only this URL into your input URL external links, for example is enter the page URL, then only link to the first page of the import link. read more

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An example about how to make a website to be included in the search skills

optimization is mainly aimed at the domestic search engine. – love Shanghai. For the other search engine but do not so much. The author believes that the future of search engine competition, soso development is immeasurable, and it is said that the Tencent to increase search efforts to promote, so there is reason to believe that the future of the search engine search competition will certainly occupy a space for one person. The optimization method of search and love Shanghai actually is different, the author makes a research on the two months, found in the search rankings is not to rely on the role of the chain, but more is the correlation. Of course also SOSO K station, but also included will decline. So for the site to be K in search of the search included decreased or website, we should be how to restore? Today I examples explain the recovery techniques. read more

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Alert website ranking rise fast

there is a phenomenon, which is widespread problems, website ranking is often the first day, second days no ranking. First of all we think is the keyword heat, if it is a hot word, the competition of many sites, the love of Shanghai will be updated frequently, but is not ranked, so it should be Links or server problems. Your friends in the chain website is not stable enough, your site will follow ups and downs. If you are using a space, or even hundreds of people to use the public space, it is very difficult to do stand, if other users have what illegal sites, your site will be facing the danger of K station. read more

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360 love Shanghai running 360 search quiz was replaced overnight Qihoo

360 navigation quiz from the original love Shanghai know overnight replacement for Qihoo

fell in love with the sea to 360 introduced traffic prompts the user for the love of Shanghai is set to the default home page

360 years of operating the independent search engine also has news search, blog search and other products, but because of the quality of search and love Shanghai still did not flow into the above 360 products.

from a number of website data show that although the 360 search on the line just a few days, but has shown a strong momentum flow. Science and technology information website "home owners" and "Android mobile phone community forum released data show that more than 360 search has become Sogou, become the second love Shanghai second major traffic sources. (Irwin) read more

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Liu Jinge the five attitude determines the site keywords ranking

we do in the process of Shanghai dragon, the first thing we should do is to put our mind, and we own a good location, for example we are to do in Shanghai dragon, or Shanghai Dragon Phoenix to give others the site rankings to earn more money. As long as we find the right mentality positioning, that we are not far from success, and the next is to see when I read the sales five mentality, after reading carefully the five mentality with the Shanghai dragon workers who is practical:

Any one thing

we do, to make it must use action to realize. Not meant to find an excuse, to develop their own no reason for the success of their. I think of a word, may not be a celebrity or famous but I don’t remember is that celebrity: the world’s greatest is the cause of action. So, we want to have any one thing with an action attitude to what we do, so you can have a good result. As for the Shanghai dragon in this industry, more important is action. In other words is what we often say that the execution. If there is no good execution and good website where to go or not. read more

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How to update the webmaster in June to deal with the possible algorithm

no matter what love of Shanghai has been emphasized algorithm updates, content issues, so we need to solve today is the internal site content is able to withstand this June update.

second, the continuous improvement of


fan culture website

is another site in addition to update the content page, immutable and frozen, column page will never change the website. If the spider to grab, one month, two months, three months, half a year, find your site without any royalty. Before was not the user’s attention content is still there, and what users need the content you don’t mention home to. So this site is also likely to be eliminated in the next update, how to improve the quality of the web page? What we often say the fine-tuning. For example, the font layout, vertical navigation, left column, link, and so on the related reading. If you do not fit it properly removed, such as the recommended links appropriate to increase or decrease. As long as it is beneficial to enhance the user’s web page can be counted as to enhance the quality of. Sites in continuous quality improvement is becoming better and better, the effects of this website certainly will not be updated algorithm. read more

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Customers can use the program to Shanghai dragon and the advantages and disadvantages of bidding

love Shanghai home auction number more than 3 or more. [that is followed by promotion of two words], means that this keyword can be 10 positions are bidding, then this type of keywords is not recommended because we love Shanghai optimization, spend money to do the home page, ranking behind or in the bidding, auction and too many digits, resulting in bad effect, "

Shanghai dragon strategy:

1, PPC quick recharge set keywords price immediately after you can enter the search engine ranking the top ten position, basically can not control; popular keywords basically is hard to the left, the natural ranking effect is gradually reflected in the optimization after the implementation, a long time, but the show time. read more

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How to treat love Shanghai products right

in the website optimization process, there are many people who are referred to by their love of Shanghai products to site optimization, such as Wikipedia, love Shanghai love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Post Bar know Shanghai space etc.. But they usually only say that one of the benefits of the drawbacks mentioned little. Since ancient times, blessing, and site optimization, advantages and disadvantages, in the use of related love Shanghai products, enjoy the love of Shanghai chiefs of the "special care" at the same time is also easier for the site to bring the so-called crowning calamity, widdy! So this, the owners have to choose? Give up? What resources ah be careful! Stick? "Are frequent"! Dilemma, requires us to grasp this!! I made some of their own views: read more

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How fast the new realm of content

web application problemsSome

today I will discuss with you together to share: 30 days new station to make the content of the seconds realm, as a webmaster friends all know, the new station was established, through the love Shanghai review period, 7 days -30 days are possible, even longer, so how to do the new station to do 30 days the contents of the seconds realm, here we talk about, we hope to help. The new station is just established, the weight is 0, Shanghai love never seriously, so

the first point: we must pay attention to the high quality of the original read more

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