Decrypt Wangzhuan webmaster is how to make money

now people of the word Wangzhuan is already very familiar with, but also from the original suspect Wangzhuan the possibility of becoming now firmly believe Wangzhuan indeed can bring us income, of course Wangzhuan species is now very much, I just focus on higher net station is through what way to make money to give you to Wangzhuan? The Palace of


: a guide through the recommended Wangzhuan money

In fact, these

are not their own Wangzhuan station pushed out to make money, but a large part of the income is composed of most of the Wangzhuan, site will have recommended reward, a lot of people will be registered Wangzhuan Wangzhuan through websites, and these projects tend to be a registered person will have registered bonuses. From 0.1 yuan to 2 yuan. More people every day for registration, Wangzhuan stationmaster income would be more read more

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Undrip social networking aggregation platform for filtering information

Undrip: the social networking platform for filtering information murmurs

usually, Internet users will open a number of social networking services, and use these services. After the use of more and more social networks, social information will appear on a number of different sites, and see these fragmented information is inconvenient. In order to solve this problem, in this week’s TechCrunch Disrupt conference, a website called Undrip came into being.

Undrip is a iOS application, in a unified interface to integrate information from multiple social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Path and Pinterest. However, the service does not show all the information, but will filter out the Facebook status update, Foursquare sign in and Farmville game dynamics and other irrelevant content. read more

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Ma Yunzhi Entrepreneurs intentions with the brain to do business

sina science and technology news July 2nd evening news, chairman of the board of directors of the board of directors of Alibaba today to get together through the dispatch documents, and entrepreneurs how to communicate with the heart, with the brain, with the strength to do business. Ma Yun released this article in the get together to Taobao, for example, to the majority of entrepreneurs to share their valuable experience in the field of electricity supplier business.

Ma seems, intentions, with the brain, with the physical is the three elements of doing business. The next thirty years is the real development of e-commerce, through unique products and services, to find their own "confidant" that is, in the business to enjoy the unique pleasure. read more

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Some observations and Reflections on WeChat small program gate entrance experience promotion and g

tonight 0 points, has been highly anticipated "apps" official opening, tonight will be doomed to many of the Internet people are doomed to a sleepless night, tomorrow the headlines and the circle of friends, WeChat group is also generally belongs to a small program.

in the first time to experience a variety of small programs, we bring you the following facts and simple interpretation for reference.

a small program on the entrance

small program in WeChat chat page top, can be added to the desktop. But if it is placed on the page to chat, only a small program. read more

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UEP business growth plan a new era of entrepreneurial Aura

2015, the CPC Central Committee and State Council formulated a series to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation "policy measures, from the level of industrial economy to entrepreneurs of great help. Triggered a large number of young people to join the wave of entrepreneurship, just over the past two years, China will be the birth of hundreds of thousands of Internet start-ups. At the same time, various incubators, investment institutions and business platform is with the stock enterprise and provide all kinds of blossom everywhere, business services for entrepreneurs. read more

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Live one hundred founders from rebellious teenagers veterans returnees learn tyrants to a generati


Airbnb originated in the United States today was founded 7 years, has been close to $30 billion valuation, taking into account the number of users, Chinese huge future, China way home, live 100, became the 1 billion dollar Unicorn company, is not impossible.

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy are not news, but where do you get your wedding?.

in fact, AB is not only live hundreds of users, or live in one hundred investors.

is specifically for Chinese service overseas short rent brand, August, one hundred lives got 200 million yuan B round of financing, lead investor is CITIC stone, and the other party voted to include Angelababy AB Capital, a Hongkong listed entertainment giant star group, the former Alibaba group vice president Wang Xiaohua founded the United capital, set up in Beijing Chaoyang District city government innovation dream factory, 2049 overseas Chinese capital investment organization. read more

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The main Meng Da expression finally listed the Line

Abstract: the

Line quickly became popular is the unique "chat expression map", the official Line cute design and distinctive Brown bear, Ni rabbit, and James suffered from Steamed Buns. According to IPO documents show that these popular chat expression for the company’s global contribution of $268 million, accounting for 1/4 of total revenue.

[titanium media] because the expression package and the surrounding products in China fire up Line is about to be listed.

11 this month, Japan’s instant messaging service provider Line announced that due to strong market demand, the final price of IPO will be set at about 3300 yen (about $32.3). Line 14 will be listed in New York, listed on the market in Tokyo on the 15, respectively, the issue of shares and 13 million shares of the 22 million. read more

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Live into the stage of integration of resources entrepreneurs how to play

, from the O2O to the group purchase, now broadcast, every Internet boom are thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers bridge. But entrepreneurs have never been so on pins and needles: "100 seeding war" has just started, the giants have entered and startups stand on the same starting line: BAT, millet, 360, unfamiliar street, micro-blog,,, sing, everybody…… They not only have the funds, content, anchor resources, but also has a huge mobile terminal on the live broadcast. read more

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WeChat entrepreneurs should choose what The best solution is here

in recent years, a trend which cannot be halted O2O. The government backed the "Internet plus" and actively implement the "supply side reforms under the environment of all walks of life, to embrace the Internet trend is significantly enhanced, especially takeaway O2O has become the new trend of development of the catering industry, and share the rest of the O2O market will greatly increase. We have to admit that the "Internet plus" has completely changed the traditional enterprise, even though O2O is very powerful, but WeChat market is not to be underestimated, now WeChat users has exceeded 700 million, if O2O+, WeChat, and so, what will happen to the market! Here we look at read more

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The readme what is the experience of being an entrepreneur’s girlfriend

Abstract: on entrepreneurship, Ma has a "hard" two words summed up the whole process, he said "today’s Ali, Ali, Ali yesterday in the future, we are going to go this way, everyone must work so hard, because our future is hard up."

Author: Huang Aizhen


business is not easy, Men’s feelings are changeable., entrepreneurs feel deeper. Seemingly today’s Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, and other scenery infinite, little did they know that they have almost sold the painful experience of the enterprise in. read more

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Ma Haiping founder of a doctor Why did leave Baidu to start a business

(original title: Ma Haiping: do not play with the richest man)

Ma Haiping want to use their own experience to inspire the team, so that we believe that the Internet is to create a myth. From zero to infinity value-added process, is always the most hi.


_ magazine reporter Lv Honglin Ma Jiying photography editor _ _ Deng pan

if the business compared to bungee jumping, Ma Haiping must be pushed down.


was born in 1975, the Central Plains man with big eyes and bushy eyes from sales, early in Baidu, with Robin Li after years of experience, go to the next circle, wanda. In Baidu to catch up with the rapid development period, to participate in the grand grand shift between the peak, Wanda contributed directly to the Teng million cooperation. He frankly speaking, do not run the train run logic, persuade you closely surrounded by layers of thinking. read more

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My uncle investors on the development trend of network D P large red and red star network

is our fellow uncle in November last year, the close project, if you count the first investors Sequoia Capital, uncle should be regarded as the logic of thinking and a number of venture capital is one of the network get red.

opened in 2016, Papi sauce hot let net red became a hot market, the market focus on the high valuations and gossip is far higher than the thinking of this new industry business model and investment value. As one of the participants in the boom, this simple chat about our view of this industry, we invest in business logic combing fellow uncle, to provide some reference. read more

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What to choose a good business inventory 2015 network of part time money to make money projects

entrepreneurial rich road can have numerous choices, the same way to make money there are countless. As the line out of the champion, all roads lead to Rome, rich money is no exception. There are many methods of entrepreneurial wealth, there are also detours, but after all straight or for entrepreneurs to start their own requirements. Of course, the entrepreneurial success of the shortcut can also learn from the rich. This issue will be the best entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to resolve the seven major business shortcuts, hoping to help entrepreneurs make money big money! read more

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Transformation Dunning Multitray Summary Planning Look at these ten entrepreneurs how to cross their

sing 2016, in fact not so bad

of the year for many companies, is a low season, Christmas and the new year and Spring Festival, the festival to dilute the power of working holiday, so many companies have to stop business. So there is a topic: what do startups do when there seems to be nothing to do, and what entrepreneurs do?


license is a list of the founder, in 2017 New Year’s day from a month’s time, he added a 6 video team for the company, but at the same time, he also laid off 7 people App team. read more

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Experience sharing entrepreneurship courses Advanced entrepreneurial exactly what

If the

in 80s, when we asked our success: "what is the most important business?" maybe they will tell us: "hold on!" on twenty-first Century, ten people know, the road of entrepreneurship, than to choose, choose not to waste. In the mobile Internet era, the choice is more important than hard, adhere to the


from the second half of 2014, we are all experiencing a revolution that is sweeping the industry – the mobile internet. After October 2014, the new mode of operation continues to emerge. During this time, we witnessed the brutal growth of WeChat; we witnessed a lot of people with the WeChat public numbers, found in 2006 before the kind of feeling. Therefore, in the context of today’s mobile Internet, you do is just a good outlet pig! read more

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Not thinking of using the nternet OPPO why vivo was able to complete the sales counter attack

in the field of smart phones, because of the emergence of technology, sometimes people forget that it is essentially a business.

OPPO and vivo after the counter attack has emerged. According to the survey data released by IDC, VO Legion in the first half of this year, the domestic market share has exceeded HUAWEI.

IDC and Gartner these two IT market research institutions in 2016 for the first two quarters of the report, OPPO first entered the world’s top five smartphone manufacturers list. Thanks to the strong performance of R9 in China and overseas markets, OPPO in the second quarter of this year to become the highest growth in sales of manufacturers, shipments rose by 129%." Gartner analysis in the relevant press release that, it is anti shake self and fast charging these two features to help OPPO in the highly competitive Chinese market to get good performance." read more

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Luo Min ten years of entrepreneurship for the nine time why only fun to live down

March 2015, Luo Min was born in 1983 nearly ten years of entrepreneurship, fun stage full year of age.

a year, interest installments from 10 people quickly expanded to 2000 people, 8 months with three rounds of financing (at the end of last year has been announced to get $100 million C round of financing, valuation of nearly $500 million), has become one of the 2014-2015 annual jump up the fastest startup.

before founding interesting staging, Luo Min tried the entrepreneurial direction campus social networking, online education about ten, each one seems to stand in the so-called "air", why only interest installments survived read more

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Late night dining tell catering practitioners good meal not only need warm stomach warm heart

Abstract: late night dining boss with their own personal charm, taste and food management, establish a sense of belonging to the community has let diners, make diners into the night canteen will feel a sense of ritual of baptism, the late night dining out of a restaurant, and the customers really established the establishment of emotional feelings, and customers will be the era of competition for a large catering vassal killer.

night when Tokyo Shinjuku will have a different from the day atmosphere: neon, crowds, materialistic, yiluanqingmi. There is a lot of large enterprises and government headquarters is located, or Kabukicho, underworld camp, gay gathering area; everything seems to be covered to drink half the intoxicating color, everything is shaking. read more

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Why do investors invest in a business

editor’s note: October 23rd, Qu Kai in their own public number "42 chapter" published an article entitled "why I don’t do VC?", the original cloud and venture capital investment managers in the bidding farewell, successfully set off a burst of waves in the capital circle.

obsession Qu Kai on the growth curve, in fact, a month ago announced his departure business plan, after several years of venture capital career, he hopes to "extremely elegant and valuable article" gather high-quality people, do a service content of entrepreneurs in venture capital circles. read more

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Open shop do virtual make money now open shop need how much money

The choice of home is very important to do virtual Taobao


before I decide to do virtual Taobao, many friends advised me that now Taobao is too late, hardly what the market will do; in my heart 1 Taobao stores, many of my friends on the sidelines, wondering whether I can keep going until I do; the diamond level, began to have some friends to ask now do virtual Taobao really not late; when I used half the time, from the 1 heart do 3 crown, there are a lot of friends asked me how to do.

may only know their own, this step by step to today, we know one minute on the stage takes ten years. People will only pay attention to your final results, few people care about the hardships of this step by step. read more

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