The project is not profitable you can insist on how long

in our life on the road, each person will have a large number of small projects, even if it is to open their own Taobao shop; do a small site; do an industry / place / mall, etc.. In the beginning, are always longing for what it can bring to me later, but imagine to imagine, now a non-profit project you can hold on how long?

take myself, I have 4 years rolled about on the internet. Over the past few years, the site has almost a dozen or so, really can not have a basic profit, and can insist on down is not a few. I remember when I was in 2011 to set up their first site, then there is no online banking, had to transfer through the bank to buy the domain name space, I still remember that time in the ATM machine will be 70 yuan into a silly $0.7. Went home when asked why the customer said did not remit the money received, customer service confirmed the 7 hair several times that received the results, I walked 30 minutes came to the bank transfer in the past 70 yuan. read more

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Entrepreneurship fooled the number of young people have a dream

entrepreneurship, is unwilling to ordinary, is a challenge to life, but also to allow the family to live a better life. However, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, many people are starting to fail in the end. Not only do not make money, but also the parents have lost their hard-earned money.

so, what is entrepreneurship?

Baidu Encyclopedia: entrepreneurship is the owner of their own resources or through efforts to have the resources to optimize the integration, thereby creating greater economic or social value of the process. Entrepreneurship is a kind of labor, it is a kind of behavior that needs to be operated, organized, used by the entrepreneur. According to Jefferies · Timmons (Jeffry A.Timmons) the field of entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship to create a "classic textbook" (New Venture Creation): the definition of entrepreneurship is a way of thinking and reasoning with luck behavior, driven by it for luck and opportunity, need to consider the overall harmony with the leadership in the method. read more

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BAT new three board race enclosure which strong No Tencent

Abstract: with the development of multi-level capital market, the combination of capital and industry becomes more and more closely. With the power of capital, many enterprises to achieve the expansion of cross-border or vertical field. As the three largest China Internet Corporation BAT naturally will not let this opportunity slip away. According to incomplete statistics, over the past three years, the total investment of about a total of about 30 listed companies and hundreds of unlisted companies in the past 5 years. read more

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Xu Xiaoping Angel dinner on the 8 golden sentence Chen Ou recommended projects are dead

in fact, Chen Ou recommended to me the two projects are dead, he said that this life does not recommend the project to me.

(text / Wang Boxuan) last night Zhenge fund founder Xu Xiaoping held in venture capital circles, known as the "Buffett Chinese dinner" angel before dinner, accepted the interview Xuan brother.

on investment in winter

with the global stock market turmoil, many venture capital institutions have expressed this "capital big wave" has spread to the field of venture capital. Financing difficulties, financing shrink, venture capital strand breaks and other rumors also follow. read more

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nventory analysis choice of words anymore domestic venture capital circles active VC mechanism

review: the list in the list of institutions of 786 investment events, seed Angel round of 395, the proportion reached 50.3%.

launched in 2015 inventory of the unicorn club, Horse Club, horse soaring valuations list three related startups, IT launched the next orange is analysis of the VC mechanism and the angel investment institutions inventory, this is one of the active list VC institutions are single, with IT included investment information as the orange talk about venture capital circles anymore to choose material. read more

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Capital blitz two dimension uniforms skirts maid occupied the earth

two is no longer a non mainstream culture, and become the mainstream culture of the network, has become the object of capital chasing. 2014, the core of the two dimensional user size of up to 49 million 840 thousand people, while the pan size of the two dimension of up to 100 million users. In the future, the steady growth of the core element of the user will be two, 2016 is expected to scale up to 70 million 80 thousand people, with the animation IP operation is significant, animated film constantly, is expected in 2016 two yuan pan users reached 200 million. read more

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Why WeChat small program will bring the development of small businesses in the spring

in November much of the north into the winter, the same time WeChat small program open beta, no accident before the end user can use to a small program on WeChat. WeChat is not the first attempt to expand its scope of services, from the public number, service number, enterprise number to the current small program. WeChat is sitting on the largest traffic platform, a small program for the third party tapping the treasure mine to provide the possibility, in the increasingly high cost flow trend, WeChat small program will bring the new development in the spring to millions of small and medium businesses. read more

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Dongsheng how to choose a partner Make money easier

2015 startups such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged, so many people excited, some business entrepreneurs who want to always think is extremely simple, in the entrepreneurial success of temptation, ignoring the probability of failure, see are successful, they inspire you to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship.

most entrepreneurs will choose some like-minded partners in the venture on the road, the relationship between the partners may cast a successful business, may also destroy the enterprise, once unable to solve the contradiction between the partners, it will cause huge loss of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial enterprises. read more

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Are you an entrepreneur Does your company mean startups

Abstract: understanding growth is an essential part of an entrepreneurial firm. When you start a business, the real thing you do is to solve the problem more difficult than the average company. Your mission is to find rare rare ideas that can grow quickly. Because they are so valuable, they are hard to find.

is a company that is defined as a company that can grow rapidly. "Just be created" does not allow a company to become the "startup" definition and Internet technology is not detached / "entrepreneurial company", risk investment is not, these startups are not important. The only thing that matters is growth, and all the other concepts that we add to the startup are from the growth. read more

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What is nonsense tourism entrepreneurship regression line first regression technology and products

now, the integration of online and offline has become an irreversible trend.


invested in the way cattle, Kaiser tourism, UTS investment QiongYou, Ctrip shares UTS, traditional travel agencies and Online Travel Corporation of the two former rivals rebuilt yuan union.

is not only the traditional giants between OTA and hold together, when promoting the "Ali future" scenic travel everything in good order and well arranged, QiongYou pushing Q-Home, the way cattle, donkey mother have opened the line shop, even a piece to open the store, 2016 travel startups gain "while he" walked down the line "mouse" obviously the road + cement. read more

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Li Kaifu talk about the status quo of China’s nternet there are still significant investment opport

Tencent science and Technology Innovation workshop 2016 annual summit and the opening ceremony of the Southern China headquarters held today in Shenzhen. Innovation workshop chairman and CEO Li Kaifu (micro-blog) in the conference published the theme of China’s Internet innovation and trends speech.

talked about the status quo of China’s Internet, Li Kaifu believes that although China is the largest Internet country, but the growth rate is declining. In the past the demographic dividend, just because the largest business model, just burn, burn the user, then how to make money is not the best model model. So we have to look for a new outlet, new targets, new investment direction. read more

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The empty fox CEO again exposed the insider was godmother Wang Ya meters out of mercy

January 4th news yesterday, empty fox CEO Yu Xiaodan after the readme was kicked out of capital, again through the micro-blog account "Oh girl Dan" issued "money", added another of the important reasons of losing company is the wrong people, and point out the previous announcement in two I did not write the name, behind this is another sad story". With this "sad story" with the network transmission and Yu Xiaodan’s "godmother" — Wang Ya meter. It is also in this blog, Yu Xiaodan wrote his own and Wang Mi’s tear. read more

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Unknown pain inventory of three Lei Jun investment failure case

believe that many users are aware, in addition to Lei Jun is the founder of millet mobile phone, the amateur is a angel investors in the industry view, Lei Jun investment companies usually follow 3 principles, one is only looking for investors, a good person, perhaps in a failed investment, if the person that Lei Jun will continue to vote. The two is not without, for not understanding or recommendation of a friend who will not vote lei. Three is to give investors receive sufficient free space after the investment and give some help. Although these years, Lei Jun investment in handy, many investment projects are profitable, but compared with the following 3 investment failures, it is pale into insignificance by comparison. Here, Xiaobian for everyone to talk about Lei Jun investment career, the 3 most cases of failure. read more

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Yesterday today and tomorrow of traditional media

is now the land of China, "public entrepreneurship, innovation driven up" the slogan of the national entrepreneurial atmosphere, has been heating up to near boiling point, "you start?" near the suddenness of a thunderbolt to "have you eaten?" instead of greeting, theirsuccessful become universal hot language.

and maintain close interaction between the society media of various types of reports not resigned to playing second fiddle, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship layout, entrepreneurship programs such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain out of the first general. read more

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The venture financing fraud investigation follow up liar more than 80%

[Abstract] with the science and technology of Tencent venture capital financing fraud survey released a paper, entrepreneurs financing fraud topic continued fermentation.

technology is one of Tencent Hin reported in September 2nd

exaggerated false financing amount of venture capital circles is becoming the unspoken rule, despite the media and investors are sound, but this phenomenon has become worse in neither painful nor itching criticism. With yesterday’s Tencent technology venture financing fraud survey: 80% of entrepreneurs are lying, a text baked, entrepreneurs financing fraud topic continued fermentation. read more

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Mobell ofo shared bicycle how entrepreneurial opportunities in the capital of winter

remember the community electricity supplier, the last mile of the story from the white hot competition to who can live to the end, which is hidden in the middle of too much frustration. From August to mid October this year, v-mobile and ofo have announced their completion of the four round of financing, before this, ofo is just a small yellow car, the campus for students the v-mobile bike not into Beijing, and now travel the last mile into entrepreneurs, won the favor of investors perspective.

capital has been a cold winter, sharing bikes and what kind of entrepreneurial opportunities? read more

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Around the WeChat ecosystem the third party in 2015 the three major opportunities

WeChat third party, has been an important part of the WeChat ecosystem, in the construction of WeChat wisdom life has played a huge role. Although the outside world has a lot of questions about the third party WeChat, I believe that in the back of the electricity supplier, deep, wide, high landing on the implementation, WeChat is not only inseparable from the third party, but also rely on the third party.

"NPC and CPPCC" period, Premier Li Keqiang first proposed the "Internet plus" action plan in the government work report, the National People’s Congress, Tencent holdings chairman and CEO Ma Huateng also proposed the development of "Internet plus" comprehensive development of national strategies, to promote the "mobile Internet + livelihood applications" transformation of various industries. Undoubtedly, WeChat will be in the "Internet plus" plays an important role. read more

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