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[Li Bingbing] Yuan Li Xu Jinglei fans Jolin Stefanie Sun Faye Wong Rene Liu Liu Yifei nursery Ye Yiqian He Jie Li Yuchun Zhang Hanyun Angela An Xu Fei Jay Chou Alec Su Ruby Lin Zhou Bichang Nicholas Tse Tong Dawei happy boa ring Moon Geun Young SuperJunior [Video] Korean male super girl dream China youth stadium movie film and television drama critics of academic life forest rock music [integrated] "Huo Yuanjia" Jacky Wu wins "official blog Saturday tiger talk" blog "sing" Olympic collecting friends Yang Lan hero idol drama "the Frog Prince" Bo entertainment, actor, singer star blog Daquan A ayawawa A Duo An Hu acovta Acosta Niu Po Ai Angela An Abu force Zi · beloved Orchestra; A-Sun A Mu B Jianfeng Bao Nie Mengmeng Bai Bai Qing Xuebian policy Lynn Bai Yongcheng brother Bai Shiqian C Jackie Chan Chen Hao Chen Hao Bing Zihan Chen Nadia Chan Tammy Chen Chen Weiming Ying Cao Cao Hong Cai Xing Cheng Qingsong Chen Haixuan Sisi Chen P love singer Chen Hong Cao Fang Cao Weiyu Cao Xiwen Chen Lina Chen Chen Shuai Chi Cai Ming Xiaoyi Chen Chen Shangshi Chang Changcheng car size for Chen Yufanchen Chen Long Chen Lerong Chen Dong Cao Xue Chen Zeyu Chen Yichuan Kun Cheng Xianjun Victor Chen Banny Chen Chen Baoguo Deng Chao Du Haitao Xuan Dong Shirley Dai D Dou Jiang Mingding Zhicheng Tang Johnny To Ding Ting Du Chun Dai Lele Dong Minying Dong Lidan he Penny Tai Ding Yudong gale big policy E E rose F Fan Bingbing Fuxinyin Xinxin second-hand real Binfang Zhuo Fangyuan Fu Chongfu Fu Disheng Miao Qing Fangyuan Fuxinyin Ming Fan our · Ya Qifeng Feng Xiaoquan and Feng Yuanzheng Vincent Fang G independent girls cover Lili Guo Zhenni Guo Degang Guo Xiaoxiao Guo Xiaodong Guo Zhikai Gao Mingjun Gao Yuanyuan Gao Hao Gao Hu Gu Gu Na Gao Hongxian in Seven Gao beach Yang Gao Rong Guo Jin Guo Zhenni Gao Qi Gu Liya classical fashion portfolio Kenix Kwok Gu Lei

Guo Keyu Guo Shuai Guo Jiaming Gao Linsheng Dylan Kuo Gao Lin Jocie Guo Jade Kwan H Victor Huang Huang Haibo Huang Ziqi Gao Fei Shawn Huang Han Xue Han Xiao Hu Yao Peter Ho Hu Bing Hu Jing Hu He He Jia He Jiayi Hu Ge Huo Feng Huang An Huang Jue Huang Yitong Huang Shuhuihuang Hou Qiang Weilin Huang Yali Huang Haibing Huang Qi Shan Huang Xiaolei He Jihong Jiantao Hong Hang Tianqi Hu Haiquan Huang Bo The Flowers black Huang Shuhui Hai Yan Hu Yanbin Hong Huang Harisu Hao Ran He Jiayi Hu Jie why blue and red pencil He Zhuoyan He Sirong "Huo Yuanjia" Feng Bo Han Zhenzhen He Jie Huang Xin Hai Mingwei He Jing Hao Tian Huo Siyan Hu Dong Jing Hua Hei Nan J Hannah Kim Jin Qiaoqiao Jin Sha Vincent Chiao Jia Nailiang Jin Bo Ji Minjia Jiang Weihua Jinggangshan read more

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About 400000 hours of this transaction from the media to try something different

· unit price of up to 6800 yuan membership, in the case of only more than and 400 traffic, less than an hour to clinch a deal of about four hundred thousand.

· Xu Zunjing in planning, the program will eventually one have their own opinions and specific mode of operation, can take control of the transaction, which is also a key point of the next business planning.

· this is a lifelong membership system, after no longer charges, in addition to the members enjoyed watching more targeted content rights, there are two more important interests: proprietary funds trader to try and buy financial products. read more

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Market research is based on demand can not imagine

yesterday visited the well-known Internet companies – venture factory, with the founder of Dai Yue chatted about their website. At present, the site of the venture site is more, real estate network, facade network, looking for room network, the villa network, the day home network…… Are related to the real estate related vertical website. Published in the views of the villa network, I think people do not buy the Internet villa, the Internet can not afford to buy a large number of people. But I was ashamed of the data provided by me. read more

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China YAHOO is about to close its products the world

welcome everyone to participate in the webmaster survey: YAHOO’s webmaster why the world to close

             , February 3rd, China YAHOO announced that it will be revoked in February 28th, known as the next generation of Internet business platform, the webmaster world all services. This is the Chinese YAHOO and word of mouth announced the merger of another business since the reduction.

webmaster world is a product launched by YAHOO in December 2007.

according to the official introduction of Internet technology based on the product (vertical search, aggregation, Alipay community credit system, advertising demand matching tools and Ali shopping system) for users to provide free communication and business platform. read more

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The new system has brought new challenges to the Jingdong the successful signing of Kao honey Amoy

these two days of cross-border electricity supplier aspects of the news worthy of attention. First of all, the plight of the upcoming collapse of honey Amoy news, merchandise shelves, people run away, founder lost contact, etc., people can not help but to hold the sweat. As one of the earliest cross-border electricity supplier entrepreneurs honey Amoy, once make snap performance, become the daring vanguard industry. It was in 2014 scored the next round of financing, announced the annual turnover broken million, and in 2015 618 large electricity providers to promote "openly challenge the Jingdong and other cross-border electricity company, the momentum is compelling, but are now facing the unsustainable situation. read more

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Ministry of Commerce will set up a website to combat infringement and counterfeiting

Chen Deming, Minister of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce (

) from the Ministry of Commerce (


January 6th morning news, in the national business work conference held yesterday, the Ministry of Commerce Minister Chen Deming said that in 2012 the Ministry of Commerce will set up the fight against infringement and counterfeiting job sites, keep the pressure on the infringement and counterfeiting.

according to the Ministry of commerce website, October 2010 to June 2011, the nationwide crackdown on IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods. Special action of filing 156 thousand, involving 3 billion 430 million yuan, destroyed 9135 dens, the initial containment of the infringement and counterfeiting of multiple momentum. read more

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Tmall double 11 investment exposure eight dimensions of business considerations


] August 12th news billion state power network, according billion state power network understanding, 2014 Tmall double 11 investment details have been exposed: Tmall from business qualifications, commodity prices and the merchant shipping capacity of these three aspects of business registration requirements, with the intention to businesses during the period of August 13th to August 22nd registration.

Tmall consider the eight rules of the registration business

It is reported that

, Tmall from Alipay turnover, shop types, shop, customer price, DSR three, comprehensive index, customer service service businesses the main category of dimensions including comprehensive consideration to meet the access threshold of businesses, and ultimately determine the business activities of the list of 11 finalists double. read more

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Electricity generation operation of traditional industries into the boat in 2012

According to iResearch

research report shows that in 2011 China’s e-commerce market transactions amounted to 7 trillion yuan, an increase of 46.4% in 2010. Traditional enterprises to further increase the intensity of electricity supplier. In 2012, China’s e-commerce industry will be more mature, more intense competition. However, by the end of 2011, Metersbonwe as the representative of traditional service brand, has invested about 60000000 yuan into a high-profile e-commerce, taking into account the profit guarantee, recently decided to stop the operation of e-commerce business platform of the State purchasing network. Mo Guozhong believes that this news, for e-commerce industry "sellers" – generation operation industry, such as XinDa Xingchang has 10 years of business enterprises, may be a good news. read more

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Jingdong and the way home network were listed on the financing and short rent thinking

February 16, 2013, the Internet is filled with three pieces of information: the Qihoo 360 to buy the entire log treasure team; the way home network to complete the B round of financing two rounds of financing amounted to 400 million yuan; Jingdong mall confirmation has completed a new round of financing of approximately $700 million. Zhou Hongyi shot, Luo Jun shot, Liu Qiangdong shot, the acquisition and financing coexist one day. This is indicative of an investment boom in 2013 is coming, how the Jingdong financing and listing, the way home network from May last year, financing, through more than half the time of re financing, to set off on holiday apartments. read more

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Rumors to the acquisition of ndia electricity supplier Amazon Flipkart

of Flipkart in the media asked whether the company will be acquired by amazon.com issues this test, Flipkart spokesman gave a clear-cut answer: "No".

The Sales Department spokesman

Flipkart said: "this report is simply based on Weakness lends wings to rumours., based on the height of imagination. It is impossible to be bought. So far the company has not made any comment about the takeover."

past rumors


Flipkart on takeover event denied, but it is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. The news earlier in the investment community prevailed, the economic times reported on Wednesday, said the initial estimate of $8 billion Amazon to acquire Flipkart, which is almost half of the previous valuation of 15 billion 200 million. The news said they had interviews with executives of venture capital and private equity firms. Sources said, Amazon for the electricity supplier business Flipkart raised $5 billion acquisition price, offer $3 billion for its logistics system. read more

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Small day do Taobao guest is how to earn hundreds of dollars a day

This year’s Taobao

off can be described as fire, every class is full of Taobao Wangzhuan forum guest figure. Taobao customers do make money, but many novice friends but can not make money or earn very little, which is why. Here is a small day analysis.

first, some friends websites will not do, do guest, must at least have a website. The site is actually not difficult to set up, buy a domain name space, engage in a guest program, as for what program on the different views, some friends love on the Internet to download free program. If you use free, you can use DEDE, Amoy Dongdong procedures, relatively good. Some API interface is also good, but the shortcomings of the free program is also obvious, such as some with backdoors. PID is someone else’s, and can not change. You can find a set of other procedures, change their own content, such as navigation procedures. You can also spend money to find someone to do a set, only the one and only to defeat the enemy, with others to do the same, stereotyped, the effect will be discounted. read more

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Female master Chi investigation of Comeus network MLM fraud

recently had a web site that was crazy about Comeus to investigate making money, earning $1000-10000 per month or more…

official: http://s.www.comeus.com

crazy AD: http://s.www.942xxoo.cn/

is still the top of the station station to advertise, but also in the webmaster network, behind the crazy AD, I do not know there is no advertising in other sites:

Baidu check this domain name:

http://s.www.baidu.com/s? Word=domain:comeus.com& tn=monline_dg& ie=gb2312& ct=0

zero included: read more

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Some observations and Reflections on WeChat small program gate entrance experience promotion and g

tonight 0 points, has been highly anticipated "apps" official opening, tonight will be doomed to many of the Internet people are doomed to a sleepless night, tomorrow the headlines and the circle of friends, WeChat group is also generally belongs to a small program.

in the first time to experience a variety of small programs, we bring you the following facts and simple interpretation for reference.

a small program on the entrance

small program in WeChat chat page top, can be added to the desktop. But if it is placed on the page to chat, only a small program. read more

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Experience sharing entrepreneurship courses Advanced entrepreneurial exactly what

If the

in 80s, when we asked our success: "what is the most important business?" maybe they will tell us: "hold on!" on twenty-first Century, ten people know, the road of entrepreneurship, than to choose, choose not to waste. In the mobile Internet era, the choice is more important than hard, adhere to the


from the second half of 2014, we are all experiencing a revolution that is sweeping the industry – the mobile internet. After October 2014, the new mode of operation continues to emerge. During this time, we witnessed the brutal growth of WeChat; we witnessed a lot of people with the WeChat public numbers, found in 2006 before the kind of feeling. Therefore, in the context of today’s mobile Internet, you do is just a good outlet pig! read more

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Not thinking of using the nternet OPPO why vivo was able to complete the sales counter attack

in the field of smart phones, because of the emergence of technology, sometimes people forget that it is essentially a business.

OPPO and vivo after the counter attack has emerged. According to the survey data released by IDC, VO Legion in the first half of this year, the domestic market share has exceeded HUAWEI.

IDC and Gartner these two IT market research institutions in 2016 for the first two quarters of the report, OPPO first entered the world’s top five smartphone manufacturers list. Thanks to the strong performance of R9 in China and overseas markets, OPPO in the second quarter of this year to become the highest growth in sales of manufacturers, shipments rose by 129%." Gartner analysis in the relevant press release that, it is anti shake self and fast charging these two features to help OPPO in the highly competitive Chinese market to get good performance." read more

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