The venture financing fraud investigation follow up liar more than 80%

[Abstract] with the science and technology of Tencent venture capital financing fraud survey released a paper, entrepreneurs financing fraud topic continued fermentation.

technology is one of Tencent Hin reported in September 2nd

exaggerated false financing amount of venture capital circles is becoming the unspoken rule, despite the media and investors are sound, but this phenomenon has become worse in neither painful nor itching criticism. With yesterday’s Tencent technology venture financing fraud survey: 80% of entrepreneurs are lying, a text baked, entrepreneurs financing fraud topic continued fermentation.

Zhenge fund founder Xu Xiaoping in the WeChat circle of friends forwards and initiative, the best entrepreneurs don’t lie. Xu Xiaoping of Tencent said firmly support from all walks of life continue to increase the false financing of the crackdown, know the root, honesty into the front.

and a number of body industry entrepreneurs and investors on the first line of Tencent science and technology, said 80% of the proportion of doubt, should be almost no fraud." At the same time, they said that the financing is more suitable for novice entrepreneurs fraud.

Wang Pu, director of

venture capital investment, said Tencent science and technology, there is little financing amount is true, VC also know. The purpose is nothing but to deceive the user, that is to do public relations; two is to deceive competitors. For example, the same A round stage, competitors see others melt 100 million, feel like this, so the price is particularly high. Until I ran for a period of time in the market found that the amount of financing is false, then began to reduce your price, but then the rhythm has been disrupted, this method is very effective for novice entrepreneurship.

entrepreneurs who do not want to be named the same opinion.

he said that the amount of financing fraud phenomenon is very terrible, which has all the companies have a great impact on entrepreneurship. He said, for example, your opponent claims that melt into the tens of millions of dollars, you only got $5 million in funding, led directly to your company will encounter difficulties in the recruitment of the time, for ordinary users and employees’ cognition doesn’t know this, they will behoove believe media reports, in order to do first impression of the company’s judgment. Followed by confusing competitors, generally applicable to novice entrepreneurs.

for how to determine the authenticity of the amount of financing a company, these people are also based on their own experience summed up the law.

, a founder of Tencent technology said that in recent years the entrepreneurial see a ring of VC, the basic can draw a general standard: in the A round, if the project does not have a very substantial income, only in the open market, then almost all the well-known VC investment in the amount of $3 million. 3 million seems to be a good decision for the vast majority of VC the amount of money, more than the amount of internal decision-making becomes complicated and cautious.


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