Yesterday today and tomorrow of traditional media


is now the land of China, "public entrepreneurship, innovation driven up" the slogan of the national entrepreneurial atmosphere, has been heating up to near boiling point, "you start?" near the suddenness of a thunderbolt to "have you eaten?" instead of greeting, theirsuccessful become universal hot language.

and maintain close interaction between the society media of various types of reports not resigned to playing second fiddle, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship layout, entrepreneurship programs such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain out of the first general.

In addition to

participate in business news reports, more media also chose the innovation ideas into their own media transformation practice, so the business incubator inside a variety of traditional media have surfaced, various supporting systems encourage internal innovation and entrepreneurship have also been introduced, including the earlier twenty-first Century economic report inside the incubator. In recent years, Zhejiang newspaper media media DreamWorks, Nandu daily news, Chongqing Daily reported, ND honeycomb group, has been supporting the action of landing.

public venture, the highly innovative incoming tide, the media do not lack, is also actively involved in the transformation of the media in the search for another possible direction and path, this road will bear the heavy responsibility of the transformation of traditional media fusion, and caused the linkage effect of how in fact. Douglas with my own work experience, combined with the industry’s mainstream traditional media practices, take you back the traditional media internal incubator yesterday and today, but will bring you the possibility of tomorrow.

1, why do traditional media encourage internal entrepreneurship?

traditional media, innovation behavior has always been there, just before the daily innovation closer to new products, new business development, the business incubator in the form of the present measures actually are not particularly new, but now the media encourage internal entrepreneurship, there are innovations in different degrees in details, especially in the implementation of the subject, the way of benefit distribution, entrepreneurial direction and field and macro positioning and system design etc..

Internet impact depth of

However, the effect of

fundamental power of innovation comes from the macroeconomic environment, especially the media industry by the Internet continue to impact the moment, it is because of the recent business model has been extended to the impact and to take initiatives.

development of macro, micro level outstanding employees have left to choose their own businesses, are important factors contributing to this wave form, several times to leave the tide, as traditional media people for the first time, the outstanding journalists more outstanding business ability and choose Edit, add to the Internet news portal, Sina, NetEase Tencent, from one organization to join another organization; second times more sensitivity to the market, have a certain customer resources management personnel and personnel in the commercial acumen, choose to join the advertising company and PR company, or around the original.