Unknown pain inventory of three Lei Jun investment failure case

believe that many users are aware, in addition to Lei Jun is the founder of millet mobile phone, the amateur is a angel investors in the industry view, Lei Jun investment companies usually follow 3 principles, one is only looking for investors, a good person, perhaps in a failed investment, if the person that Lei Jun will continue to vote. The two is not without, for not understanding or recommendation of a friend who will not vote lei. Three is to give investors receive sufficient free space after the investment and give some help. Although these years, Lei Jun investment in handy, many investment projects are profitable, but compared with the following 3 investment failures, it is pale into insignificance by comparison. Here, Xiaobian for everyone to talk about Lei Jun investment career, the 3 most cases of failure.


, Eslite

from now to glorious capital chain rupture, employees with more than 300 people, in the rapid rise after VANCL plummeted, in just a few years time performance as everyone knows, the rapid development of all passengers are involved in Lei Jun investment and operation, at the time of the highest valuation of $5 billion, now only less than 2 billion dollars in market capitalization that slope is big, staggering.

two, music Amoy network


letao from June 2008 on-line performance, rising all the way, the line on the platform at the beginning of the Lei’s $2 million investment, from the beginning to specialize in selling toys behind the footwear, peak time, Amoy net cumulative gain of more than $70 million investment, due to a series of problems, finally letao also all passengers survived, and suffered the same stock crisis, four times five years in manager of the transformation of the toss, eventually become helpless under the "son of Lei jun".

three, Shang pin network

for the investment in the product line, Lei Jun placed a lot of expectations, it is no exaggeration to say that the investment company called Lei Jun in the field of electricity providers struggling to save the last straw. Although the site in the early development of the rapid development, each quarter growth rate of more than 200%, revenue exceeded 200 million yuan, more than 2 million registered users, and Lei Jun also gave a high certainty. Unfortunately, in 2012 the luxury business in the winter, the shopping website collapse merger ensued, although LuxeHome network has become one of the survivors, but this process has spent too much energy, today, Luxuries network positioning is an online multi brand retailer, selling all kinds of modern fashion designers and light luxury brands.