Li Kaifu talk about the status quo of China’s nternet there are still significant investment opport

Tencent science and Technology Innovation workshop 2016 annual summit and the opening ceremony of the Southern China headquarters held today in Shenzhen. Innovation workshop chairman and CEO Li Kaifu (micro-blog) in the conference published the theme of China’s Internet innovation and trends speech.

talked about the status quo of China’s Internet, Li Kaifu believes that although China is the largest Internet country, but the growth rate is declining. In the past the demographic dividend, just because the largest business model, just burn, burn the user, then how to make money is not the best model model. So we have to look for a new outlet, new targets, new investment direction.

for everyone that Li Kaifu is talking about the Internet, the whole winter, the environment may have problems like P2P and O2O may begin to worry about, but in the real fire field is still very fire, we can see several very fire areas in artificial intelligence, AR, VR, education market the market is very fire, are very good.

Li Kaifu disclosure Innovation workshop key areas of investment include: artificial intelligence, culture and entertainment, online education, business services, consumer upgrades and B2B transactions.

below is Li Kaifu’s speech at the opening ceremony:

today I want to tell you that today we first introduced the status of China Internet, then we still see major investment opportunities, and we are now on the field of major investment deployment, then our performance over the past year.

Innovation workshop in the creation of the time, we may remember that is mainly to do the Internet, and later we have a good investment in the game, social, application APP field. But we as a company of science and technology, science and technology trend of constantly changing, we have never been positioning himself as a mere investment in Internet companies, if a company can understand the trend and the law of science and technology, to find the outlet, but in other investors and entrepreneurs did not see when we put the money inside. This will give investors bring great rewards.

innovative workshop of the two characteristics, we are the most understanding of investors VC, second, to bring the greatest value of our entrepreneurs. Today, I focus on these two points to explain what we find in the future trend, while the investment will give entrepreneurs what value.

first, talk about the major trends and changes in the domestic internet. These trends and changes also mean that we need to adjust the direction of investment and direction, we are every year in the direction of adjustment.

look at this map can be seen in recent years, several major changes in the trend. The upper left corner of the figure tells us that although Chinese is the largest Internet country, but the growth rate in the fall, so the past means that the demographic dividend, just because the largest business model, just burn, burn the user, then how to make money mode is not the best model, because the population is nearly saturated. Of course, these people are getting richer and more mobile when they are full