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now, the integration of online and offline has become an irreversible trend.


invested in the way cattle, Kaiser tourism, UTS investment QiongYou, Ctrip shares UTS, traditional travel agencies and Online Travel Corporation of the two former rivals rebuilt yuan union.


is not only the traditional giants between OTA and hold together, when promoting the "Ali future" scenic travel everything in good order and well arranged, QiongYou pushing Q-Home, the way cattle, donkey mother have opened the line shop, even a piece to open the store, 2016 travel startups gain "while he" walked down the line "mouse" obviously the road + cement.

this is the internet tourism entrepreneurs return to the next line, the travel agency counter attack or line? Is the trend of the future, or the tourism industry of the Internet today we have the only way which must be passed? Breakboth hands pulling and pushing.

which companies are playing a fusion?


shares of Online Travel Corporation do heavy line under the wave of transformation, is not blowing in 2016. But in 2016, there are more and more Internet travel startups have chosen to work with the strength of traditional travel agencies.

"mouse + cement, it should have been the direction of the Internet travel, but only in recent years by the industry to re-examine". In the history of the history of the founder of the tour, the integration of online and offline is a.

there are two main forms of Tourism: one is the traditional enterprise in the online; one is the Internet business to the line of infiltration.

1 online channel + offline resources. In fact, they don’t have much difference in essence, but differ in the starting point, as a point of departure from the traditional tourism, things the line moved online, one is the direct use of the Internet for the integration of tourism resources, through online and offline collocation, and ultimately promote the development of the tourism industry.

this way is divided into two main categories:

is the first channel led, the purpose is to grasp the upstream resources. The most typical example is the Ctrip investment Huayuan, China Eastern Airlines, UTS, and where the network know-all tourism investment.

second is the leading resources, the main line of travel agencies, trying to do the transformation of the internet. Such as HNA + tuniu, UTS + + QiongYou, CYTS Travel Network….

such a model, simple and direct, even rough. The advantage is that the strong control of resources, but the most important thing is, or in the channel side or the end of the line resources, you have to have enough capital and dominance.

2 online channel + offline store

because the tour itself is a scene of heavy things, experience stores under the line and ground operators to a certain extent, carrying the scene before or in experience. Plus the cost of getting on the line is getting higher and higher