Are you an entrepreneur Does your company mean startups

Abstract: understanding growth is an essential part of an entrepreneurial firm. When you start a business, the real thing you do is to solve the problem more difficult than the average company. Your mission is to find rare rare ideas that can grow quickly. Because they are so valuable, they are hard to find.

is a company that is defined as a company that can grow rapidly. "Just be created" does not allow a company to become the "startup" definition and Internet technology is not detached / "entrepreneurial company", risk investment is not, these startups are not important. The only thing that matters is growth, and all the other concepts that we add to the startup are from the growth.

if you want to start a business, it’s important to understand that. Starting a business is very difficult, you can’t expect to stand on one side and do nothing to succeed. You have to realize that the growth of the company is the thing that you should pursue, and if your company grows, everything else will follow. This means that you can use the company’s growth as a compass to do almost everything.


let’s start with an obvious and often overlooked distinction: not every new venture can be called a startup. In the United States, there are tens of thousands of companies each year, and only a small part of them can be regarded as a start-up company. Most services like restaurants, barber shops, plumbing business etc.. Except for a few exceptions, these are not startups.

when I say that startups are "set" to grow rapidly, it means two things. On the one hand, subjective awareness, because most startups do not. But in addition, start-up companies in essence and other companies are different. Just like in the same environment, a redwood seed has a different fate and a pea seedlings.

This is why

can have the "startup" (Startup) as a special term used to refer to companies that are capable of rapid growth. If all the companies are essentially similar, but some of them because of luck or founder efforts and eventually led to the rapid growth of the company, so we don’t need a separate vocabulary, we only need to be divided into the "very successful company" and "less successful company".

but in fact, compared with other companies, startups do have different DNA. The difference between Google and barber shop is not because the founder of the former is more fortunate or very hard, but in the beginning, Google and barber shop is not the same.

want to grow rapidly, you need to launch a huge market demand for products, which is the difference between Google and barber shops, barber shops is difficult to scale growth.

there are two reasons why a company can achieve rapid development: