Dongsheng how to choose a partner Make money easier

2015 startups such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged, so many people excited, some business entrepreneurs who want to always think is extremely simple, in the entrepreneurial success of temptation, ignoring the probability of failure, see are successful, they inspire you to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship.


most entrepreneurs will choose some like-minded partners in the venture on the road, the relationship between the partners may cast a successful business, may also destroy the enterprise, once unable to solve the contradiction between the partners, it will cause huge loss of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial enterprises.

partnership entrepreneurship is an inevitable conflict, sometimes contradictory between the partners may be due to differences between entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs partner difference between your partner and you, some difference is likely at first you who are interested and willing to work, with the passage of time, the occurrence of this contradiction in character will different, you have to do is looking for partners before, know your partner’s character and personality.

when you’re worried about your partner, you should learn to self reflection, I do what caused this situation? Complain your partner will only make you more negative and more suspicious, more deep estrangement between you, as an entrepreneur you must learn the whole heart in the face of challenges, focus on to solve the problem.

partnership is one of the most important relationships in a company. Everyone said, partners gradually sprouted the tension is must pay attention to the problem, but also must immediately pay attention to the problem, the new company is the leading cause of death in partnership people broke up, partner selection is one of the most important career decision, must also be considered the highest weight.

some entrepreneurs choose partners like the match like, pick who a piece of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, find a partner, we do not know each other, a piece of business, who are not so many people on the staff, but even so finalized a business partner, is really not very reliable. Very random selected partners, or friendship is not deep enough, not a friend, once a problem, there is no solid foundation to ensure your relationship, usually results will be very painful.

when you consider the partners and candidates, the problem is how to choose what is good, then you know what to do to find a partner in what circumstances, the rapid response, decisive choice, can cope with all this partnership talent is most needed for you.

To have back-to-back trust and tolerance

partners, when a new partner in, how I believe him? If you choose to believe him, your communication cost, little friction. Unless he proves that he is not worthy of being trusted; if you choose not to trust him, he will prove that he is worthy of your trust, and then believe him. What is the difference between these two paths?