Share my experience with affiliate advertisingHow also can not earn money to make money network meth

network to make money is not mysterious, all the webmaster through the website promotion operation, hard earned, and network fraud and network marketing and other illegal money making method has the essential difference. The main modes of making money online include: website traffic transformation model, sales commission model, online sales, product sales model, etc..

brief introduction of related terms: CPA= alliance successfully registered CPS= according to the payment of commission according to the sales success of payment of commission CPC = pay per click pop CPM=, the popular keyword rich media advertising and advertising page.

Hello, everyone, today I share my experience of advertising in an alliance. Don’t worry about how much money I make. I just write my experience and let some of my rookies take fewer detours.

either way, need to own website, online store, blog and other serious business, if you want something for nothing or improper choice of the way to make money online, or deceived, or hard, how also can not earn money.

2 sales commission model – such as dangdang and joyo websites to join the website alliance, to promote products for these retail e-commerce website on their website, when the user through the website of the link to product excellence and Dangdang or purchase, union members will receive a sales commission usually in the sales of 6-10%.

and some other methods can make money through the Internet, such as blog post for blog advertising revenue such as bokee blog and blog blog for Gold Alliance; free software bundled adware mode by advertising software provider payment free software revenue Commission, for example some software tools bundled network real name, but it is now known as the rogue software is condemned; introduce new users to join offline, but if need to pay, in fact has become the network marketing.

3 selling products online sales model – you can set up an online store on eBay, Taobao and other large e-commerce platform, or the creation of an independent online sales website, gain by selling products online.

1 – site traffic conversion mode for advertisers in their website advertising and website visits into advertising revenue usually in this model, network alliance forms such as shlf1314 AdSense, sh419 for advertising, eBay eBay’s membership registration Commission etc.. In these networks in shlf1314 AdSense is one of the League to join the number of sites is also the largest Commission of the highest proportion of the network alliance, if you have your own personal website or blog and have a certain amount of access, you can get benefits through the application of shlf1314 AdSense.

that’s it. Well, I’m going to do regular advertising for GG or sh419. But the reality is cruel, I am too fond of garbage pop, the real flow becomes less and less, no way, have to continue to brush. Application sh419, did not pass, apply for GG, did not pass, apply again, apply again, still do not pass. GG told me that the page type does not match, a specific look, I just know, GG know I flow cheating. By this time, I can’t turn back, and visitors to the website are all >

, first of all, explain what advertising associations are actually online, advertising alliances, usually Internet advertising alliances. In 1996, Amazon provided an additional source of revenue for tens of thousands of Web sites in this new way and became a major way of survival for the SOHO community. Advertising alliance includes three factors: advertiser, website owner and advertising alliance platform. Advertisers in accordance with the actual effect of online advertising such as sales, guidance, etc. to the owners of the site to pay reasonable advertising costs, save marketing expenses, improve marketing quality. The website owner chooses the right advertiser through the advertisement alliance platform, and enhances the revenue by playing the advertisement advertisement, simultaneously saves the massive network advertisement sale expense, easily changes the website visit amount to the income.

Of course,

at first, I did not know that these knowledge just to see some predecessors unsuspectingly, articles, know the truth ", and decided to return the flow of" I walk on a crooked road, I learned to cheat. Now free brush flow software and websites are also quite a lot, I was mainly used at that time "Tianhe traffic king" and "1400", as well as Q7., IP every day, 5000. The German Alliance have good times don’t last long, advertisers put my case into the blacklist. So I started looking for the kind of advertising that would require unlimited traffic. Every day I was on the side of the brush flow, while I pay attention to where there is such advertising, resulting in little harvest, persist for two months, and later I found that this is a result, unable to make ends meet. I am a careful, scared me, so I don’t say this every day to radiation but also spend a lot of money out. Let me just put it this way. Each computer is somewhere between 250 and 400W. The power consumption of a computer every month: if it is 300W× per hour, 10 hours a day, ×, 30 days a month, =90KW, or 90 kwh, I average 20 hours a day, and this is just a conservative estimate. And then the Internet fee, this is a big deal.