Analysis of Shanghai dragon dragon Lane on the revision of the

BBS two domain /thread-htm-fid-, ID.html becomes the main domain name / custom section;

BBS 5. from the two level domain name transferred to the main domain name, should be the focus of weight based on the consideration of BBS posts if users active dissemination, the weights from the chain will only increase the BBS two level domain name, a relatively small impact on the master.


3.BBS two domain names under the 301 jump to the WWW main domain name corresponding to the page.


2. the same forum page will also repeat section URL and section url/p1 URL: the same content;

1. page if the page posts will appear after a repeat of URL, that is the post page will appear two URL post URL and post url/p1: the same content;

2. page processing is good, URL is very lean, no extra parameter;



The relevant page


The structure of

1. post: BBS domain /read-htm-tid- two ID.html post became the main domain / custom / forum posts ID;

3. from the old page to the new page, after two times the 301 jump.

PS. in order to illustrate the above the first repeat URL problem, let’s look at the default PHPWind rules for the same page will have a number of URL (part):

The 2. part:

4.url is shorter, although there are too much influence the length of URL for the search engines will not, but will cause problems for users, not convenient communication;

long lane the original use of the PHPWind system, the original URL is the default PHPWind URL rules. But the page is in the two level domain under bbs. It has been revised, after the revision, the page from the BBS two domain name transfer to WWW below the main domain, and show the form into a static url:

1. to avoid the same page number URL, to avoid duplication of collection, to spread the weight;

long lane revision, many do better, are summarized as follows:

although the long lane revision is very good, but there are still deficiencies:

from their own definition of complex PHPWind and URL rules

3. level clear, through the post URL can know which belong to the area, but also allows users to understand their position, also convenient for data analysis;