Love Shanghai included a look at the contents of two three four word format innovation

content in line with the correlation we depend on website content format, the ordinary people in the process of the operation of the site in many ignore this detail, their one-sided that as long as their content is original, with correlation can be, in essence is not so. One can be included in the content of the Shanghai love format or has exquisite, unity and enhance the font details, paragraph division and so on are included about love Shanghai basis, we can see the same content through different writing format of the collection of the result is not the same, it is the three section type the fusion to a paragraph, this content to include difficult, so the original proposal correlation everyone in the editing process in the future should not only pay attention to the content, should also pay attention to the contents of the format, ensure correct format.

had three points before your site is down right if no >


home page and the inside pages of the home page has been the focus of attention of the owners, for most of the webmaster do website home page is very easy, but want to do their own website pages included is difficult, we can see many new sites, 80% new sites from the start line to the establishment of the second months are not only the home page included the inside pages included, is fundamentally the website page content is not standard, today we are going to talk about is included in the site, I hope to help you.

based on the correct format we also require as possible the number of web content is abundant, we can A5, Chinaz of the two site article is very easy to find a good collection, the reason basically is the two website is the news source of love Shanghai, but from the direct reason for this two a website article length is more than 98%, the words are in more than 1000 words, and a majority of these articles are original, this website will certainly be able to obtain the trust of love in Shanghai, we can get to make their sites get such a development, website content words must be more, we’re not talking about a day update several pieces of content, but update 1 articles to 2 can still be done, should better not less than 500 words, 500 words following the content to love Shanghai ask about The significance is not great.

to pages within the website are fully included, so our first point is to see whether the content of the theme of the site, such as your website is the real estate websites, but the content is with the property you edit or upload the independent, the contents of this love Shanghai will not be included, thus ensuring the relationship between content and the theme of the first premise is included. The correlation of this point, the author thinks that it should also be more content in many questions, such as your real estate news, we can put it another way, why prices rising city * * * * city? Why many of these vacancies? Why can let the news website PV value increase, Shanghai is also more love this love the content on the one hand, hope that the webmaster attention.