Love Shanghai 6 22 and 6 28K station to explain my opinion

love Shanghai once to update the K station rise directly from less than 0.2% to 2.29% of the usual, for 10 times. At present, there are three kinds of love Shanghai the measures for punishment is the first station, K station, home snapshots are not, second is the feathers, leaving only the first and third is a snapshot, snapshot stagnation, included sharply reduce, the original ranking top 100 hit. No matter what kind of punishment is the webmaster of the heart of a knife.

love K station in Shanghai in June 28th after a big storm caused the Shanghai dragon world, there are many people complaining about the China market since Google exit after Shanghai, love a single large, opaque and artificial intervention a lot worse than before, although love Shanghai official has been given a clear explanation, saying that the content of the site the quality is low, the user experience is not high enough, but more on the K speculation, some people say that love Shanghai server problems, more people suspected to have relations with the financial statements that love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon optimization makes love Shanghai customers to give up a lot of bidding, the love of Shanghai reduced income this, only to update this on the grounds, K off a part of the site.

K love station in Shanghai that maybe we can find out what, from see screenshot:

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Look at the official

Adsense I learned about the complaints of love Shanghai restore the snapshot and ranking is a unified opinion:

This is more than 450 K station in Shanghai, the trend in June loveThe ratio of

said that complaints so maybe this road is not feasible, since it does not work, so what else is a good way to reduce the love Shanghai storm to bring you loss? I think it should be prepared, following optimization stone combined with our own station to give you an analysis: first, we are divided into optimization station and bidding station, this station is a complete failure and optimization, bidding station accidentally saved, this does not blame some doubt love Shanghai, it really makes people doubt the love in Shanghai against Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

here I talk about the webmaster to deal with the right down strategy, love Shanghai official that some sites will be harming, but what we know now is down right or be K site, no response has been restored to its original appearance, many owners have to love Shanghai were complaints, estimation of love Shanghai is now looking at these complaints mail head, most of what is almost no reaction, there are also some people complained of back home page, the main keywords ranking or no recovery thought this is the recovery of the precursor, but lasting 24 hours, home again disappeared. Can the webmaster chat screenshot mentioned:

this is our meeting to see love Shanghai explained when I discuss some ideas: (1) to deal with how to do the old station K? I think love Shanghai this algorithm into effect, use the update on previously included in the article conducted a review and re recorded, "