How to treat love Shanghai products right

in the website optimization process, there are many people who are referred to by their love of Shanghai products to site optimization, such as Wikipedia, love Shanghai love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Post Bar know Shanghai space etc.. But they usually only say that one of the benefits of the drawbacks mentioned little. Since ancient times, blessing, and site optimization, advantages and disadvantages, in the use of related love Shanghai products, enjoy the love of Shanghai chiefs of the "special care" at the same time is also easier for the site to bring the so-called crowning calamity, widdy! So this, the owners have to choose? Give up? What resources ah be careful! Stick? "Are frequent"! Dilemma, requires us to grasp this!! I made some of their own views:

our final purpose is to leave the chain, only the efficient link, before deciding whether to pay value. Some people blind hear positive effect love seafood, began in the "hundred" home products crazy to do the chain, but the result is very little, hard to do the chain is again removed, even some bad guys directly by drop right K station (the author is a good textbook was having left several "txt download" the throne of God printed outside the chain, the results are not too much time to be Baidu deleted completely). Does the >


two, glossy, Shanghai dragon tutorial on twisted

is low in love with Shanghai is an independent, which is also a typical "authoritarian" descent. It has added to its own products to take care of, and content of the second, after the high ranking is one of its characteristics. The owners who use the product to increase the site outside the chain and visibility also can hardly be avoided, so can not hold the thigh. In the love of Shanghai products, and accumulated a lot of the site outside the chain, the weight is rocketing.

, blood is thicker than water, love and caring for their products in Shanghai


in various forums (especially the webmaster forum) can often see a lot of Shanghai dragon er for how to use some experience of the so-called love Shanghai products brought to share, but are often inaccurate, only to write the. But if the pass? If the owners repeatedly pass, and repeated in the subsequent increase in external links, is bound to cause great negative impact. Maybe directly related to site weight, even the fate of (by K station is also be not at all surprising thing). I have been a lesson: in the initial contact with the Shanghai Phoenix, a new station was established (which is a novel station, sanweishuwu www.sanweishu贵族宝贝), desperately to each big love Shanghai products in the chain, especially in Shanghai know love, the chain didn’t leave a few, but the website K!! a friend jokingly said: you don’t mess with, ah, the love of Shanghai provoked directly, "destroy you jiuzu ". Such a profound lesson, it is unforgettable, but also can play the role of "warning"

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