Customers can use the program to Shanghai dragon and the advantages and disadvantages of bidding

love Shanghai home auction number more than 3 or more. [that is followed by promotion of two words], means that this keyword can be 10 positions are bidding, then this type of keywords is not recommended because we love Shanghai optimization, spend money to do the home page, ranking behind or in the bidding, auction and too many digits, resulting in bad effect, "

Shanghai dragon strategy:

1, PPC quick recharge set keywords price immediately after you can enter the search engine ranking the top ten position, basically can not control; popular keywords basically is hard to the left, the natural ranking effect is gradually reflected in the optimization after the implementation, a long time, but the show time.



2, PPC and natural ranking also in the left column rank, but the bidding Ranking Ranking before, once the number of PPC too much, occupy the most favorable position of the first page and discount (see Jaco Bernie book "eye tracking research").

is Chinese love Shanghai’s biggest search engine, Google is the second largest search engine, we fell in love with the sea and the Qian Chengzheng effect is the proportion of Google, similarly also is such, and the same keywords cost price ratio high nobility baby fell in love with the sea, if we give up the noble baby, that means we give up the other 20% of the market, not to mention a lot of IT

loves Shanghai and noble baby

4, more and more people know the promotion is the money can be extended, such as advertising and bidding, Shanghai Dragon up keywords, many people do not understand because of the technology is up, but consider the strength of the company, is the brand to go up.


, the world’s largest Chinese search engine, the world’s largest search engine, love Shanghai China search market share 76% share Chinese nobility baby search market 20% love Shanghai to the public, whether it is the boss, or students, with love in all Shanghai noble baby is It people favorite search tools, and most of the nobility the baby in the Chinese user groups are white-collar workers, high educated people love Shanghai, with a maximum of ten for position left only a maximum of 3 nobility baby for position.

3, PPC and the natural ranking cost is obviously different, the general per click PPC will produce a few cents to ten yuan fee, when have some hits, the cost is considerable; and for the natural ranking service, usually charge a fixed fee according to a certain rank, the cost is far lower than in the long term competitive ranking.