360 love Shanghai running 360 search quiz was replaced overnight Qihoo

360 navigation quiz from the original love Shanghai know overnight replacement for Qihoo

fell in love with the sea to 360 introduced traffic prompts the user for the love of Shanghai is set to the default home page

360 years of operating the independent search engine also has news search, blog search and other products, but because of the quality of search and love Shanghai still did not flow into the above 360 products.

from a number of website data show that although the 360 search on the line just a few days, but has shown a strong momentum flow. Science and technology information website "home owners" and "Android mobile phone community forum released data show that more than 360 search has become Sogou, become the second love Shanghai second major traffic sources. (Irwin)

A comprehensive search of

on Thursday launched in 360 by the parties concerned. Yesterday, the 360 independent search engine to replace Google, becoming the 360 site navigation (hao.360.cn) the default search engine. In some versions of the 360 browser search box, search 360 has been set as the default search engine.




Sina 360 in addition to

yesterday, Shanghai began to know love search traffic on 360 site navigation into the tips to guide the user to love Shanghai for home page. Sina Technology, 360 site navigation has night will originally love Shanghai quiz 360 search and replace their own Qihoo search.


search in web search using independent search engine function, but also a lot of polymerization products of other companies. Shanghai news news using love; micro-blog Sina micro-blog video 360 video; MP3; use love Shanghai MP3; pictures by instant search; love map using a map of Shanghai; formerly Shanghai now know love Q & a replacement for Qihoo; use taobao贵族宝贝 shopping.

technology news August 22nd morning news, 360 officially launched the search in a week and has started falling in love with small scale sea border conflict.

love Shanghai fight 360: to search the user access prompt