Alert website ranking rise fast

there is a phenomenon, which is widespread problems, website ranking is often the first day, second days no ranking. First of all we think is the keyword heat, if it is a hot word, the competition of many sites, the love of Shanghai will be updated frequently, but is not ranked, so it should be Links or server problems. Your friends in the chain website is not stable enough, your site will follow ups and downs. If you are using a space, or even hundreds of people to use the public space, it is very difficult to do stand, if other users have what illegal sites, your site will be facing the danger of K station.

to update the site, rankings are because of the high quality articles and users, so after the rankings, you can relax, because in this case the ranking is generally long, the weight of your site will rise.

case: a website optimization in my last, do is " H steel " this is not what the words, hot words, love Shanghai index 200+, because of my lack of awareness of the industry, so the industry the quality of writing is very low, most are based on professional articles to rewrite. Ranked at around 40, suddenly one day in October rankings to 32, second to 28, while other keywords also increased, third to 24. I have made a few connectivity information website before, I think this is caused, so every update or low quality paper, this kind of the site to send the chain. But the ranking does not rise, hovering in the 24 position for a week, then every day a small decline, but a few days later ranking will be back. Until one day the ranking disappeared, I insight. Gradually reduce the chain publishing efforts, reduce the frequency of updates, from every 200 words a week into a 1000 word article, a month later, the site is basically normal, everyday spider frequent visitors, snapshot is updated every day, but was not back in 24, so it gave us a chance to play, love Shanghai has.

it is worth our attention. Long time no ranking changes, indicating that this station content is of low quality or the chain is excessive, but given a ranking phenomenon, can be excluded from the chain is excessive, so this is generally the website quality is low, a high quality the chain’s role. This time I don’t think this is the website ranking, these are false, if you continue to spread their view that "high quality" chain, one to two weeks is not ranked, may also face the impact of K station.



for some time, we insist on for a long time, what good rankings do not change, but suddenly one day ranking increased significantly, but the snapshot stop spider, reduce heat, and no matter how hard will not rise again.

webmaster friends do the purpose of optimization is to get good rankings? Once the purpose is up, we can go to the satisfaction of all? In fact may be hidden behind the "huge conspiracy" worth our vigilance.