Du Baohua how to query the web site outside of the chain with English Yahoo precision

2, click InLinks, click the import link, as shown below:



Description: the Yahoo query tool, only shows the first 1000 links. There are many features, you can have a good look.

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is representative of your site, behind the two drop-down menu for our individual choice, in which Show Inlinks, from all pages behind, on behalf of all into this domain links, including links to the station, Except from this domain is the representative of the domain name in addition to the import link Except from, this subdomain on behalf of the domain name in addition to the link. In the to behind, there are two options, Entire Site on behalf of the whole station, is introduced into all links to this site, including the home page and the inside pages, Only this URL into your input URL external links, for example is enter the page URL, then only link to the first page of the import link.

pages (461) on behalf of you enter the number of web pages under the domain name, then there are two options: All subdomains represents all the domain name, including the two level domain name, only this domain (the only representative domain name you enter the domain name), according to your needs, you can query the web site of a domain name, the two level domain name..


chain construction is a very important part in the work of Shanghai dragon, the chain to a site’s ranking by weight increase, has a pivotal role, the construction of the chain of course also includes the analysis of the work of the chain, usually do not know if you are outside the chain search site with what the most, is to query the web site outside of the chain by Yahoo Chinese link. You can close paragraph of time, the link command cannot be used, below I share a query chain with you, this is a friend of Li Dong shared with me, very practical, can accurately query the chain of a website, or by Yahoo, the website is 贵族宝贝siteexplorer.search.yahoo贵族宝贝 to query below the Shanghai dragon blog as an example to illustrate its usage:

1, first enter the domain you want to query the URL, click the Explore URL the page (460) the number of web pages on behalf of the domain name, also is your website page number.

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