Clever use of love Shanghai sharing website optimization more handy


(2) is convenient for users to share and publicity website. Now the Internet to share, as long as there are people willing to share, willing to share, this element will soon be able to fire on the Internet, such as the "lovely song", "bird tertiary" element is a typical example. When the site put on love Shanghai to share, the user can conveniently share our website, Web links can easily be reproduced, forming a spontaneous high quality the chain, this is undoubtedly of great benefit to our optimization.

[Second] since the love of Shanghai to share so many benefits, how should we use to achieve these benefits:

(1) for each brush platform love Shanghai. Love is not a Shanghai share will be put on a lot of users click share, unless your website is very famous website. Therefore, for our web site, the first step is to share love with Shanghai to find love Shanghai share mutual brush platform, here we recommend adding some mutual brush QQ group, I love Shanghai to find specific.

is a qualified website optimization personnel must have the ability to use a variety of tools, we will often use some love Shanghai products in the optimization, such as love, love experience, know Shanghai Shanghai love Shanghai library and so on, these tools can let us stand up and optimize the network more convenient and effective. However, many people ignore the optimization of an equally useful tool — Shanghai Shanghai love love to share. Love Shanghai share fame although far from the Shanghai library, love experience, but if we can get the correct use, the effect will be very great. Here I come to you and discuss how to use simple, love to let Shanghai share website optimization more handy.


] the first before using the Shanghai love to share, let us know what love can bring to the site in Shanghai to share what:


in the above described benefits can produce love Shanghai share after installation of the site, I believe you will be quite yearning for it. But it is not installed on the sharing can be achieved after these benefits, which depends on we use love Shanghai to share the tips properly. Well, here I come to the three point to summarize how to use love to share it in Shanghai:

(2) to find the right of each brush and join the QQ group, we can talk to the group of people to click on each brush activity. But need to pay attention to.

I have

(1) accelerate the site included speed. In Shanghai love to share on the official website, we can see that, as long as the site with love Shanghai share after crawling frequency will love Shanghai spiders on this website to further improve, which means the number of our website is showing more and more, included the probability will be more and more. As long as the share used well, even realize seconds is not a dream!