1 months to get a number of Web site keywords ranking

specific how to operate the chain as everyone knows, here I say what is reasonable to release the chain so that the site quickly get more keywords ranking. The first target keywords to send, but the beginning of the center of gravity not staring at the target keywords. But on the long tail keywords. Secondly, posted a link not only the alignment page, content page and directory page to multiple (even if it is not included). Finally, the chain of correlation based, supplemented by soft.

first need to be clear is that a keyword should be clearly corresponds to a URL of it, this is to do a single keyword weight concentration. The second is to use the bold tag reasonable, because the keyword is to let the spider put these words all retrieve it in Curitiba, thus increasing the number of long tail keywords. The last is to improve the site collected, here are 3. 1: the directory page URL into sitemap. Submitted to the search engine, and set it to grab high weight. 2: perfect the breadcrumb navigation, the breadcrumb navigation is divided more detailed, in order to provide more entrance. 3: recommended directory page in other products. The 3 point is to provide entrance working directory page, so as to improve the site collected.



two, the content of the use of

aims to do so, we all know that title is easy to get a few keywords the keywords ranking, and keywords will be on site in late to effect keyword ranking, as description is play a supporting role for title.

three, the construction of the chain

Link building and label

maybe this we know everything, but I can tell you here some of the operation and. The Title tag like everyone, set up their own websites mainly target keywords, the index is more general here. Maybe we have to think it Keywords tags are worthless, but I would like to remind you to write keywords keywords, general 3-4 here to write long tail keywords plus a medium or below the target keywords. Description is the general content of a website, adding the appropriate 3-4 target or long tail keywords can be.

new development, ranking to rise, although the way to optimize the step by step, but go to have a purpose, clear. The author aims to use their knowledge to create value for their Shanghai dragon, said bluntly, is actually a vagrant. To put it mildly, is self-employed. This lets the author to contact new long-term optimization promotion task, so the author also summarized a set of ideas, and let the website in a month to quickly get some keywords ranking. The specific operation is as follows three steps: (attach the operation data of website screenshot)

, a site at the beginning of the use of META three