Do site optimization must know how to cast good spider love Shanghai

two, every day to update the content of

, spiders love to eat fresh content

if the site content is not updated every day, it will let the spider feel no interest, because it is a thousand times the face, to let spiders crawl dynamic content. So for the webmaster, web site update is necessary to work every day. For updated content, appropriate to add some original content, or by reprint articles, is also very necessary, because the love of spiders in Shanghai for some high quality content, even repeated eat is feasible, so appropriate to reprint update necessary, but here to remind the webmaster, do not collect. This is a pseudo original, plagiarism is extremely hate spiders love Shanghai behavior. Is there a benefit without harm to the website.

actually want to avoid the two site optimization extreme, the best method is scientific and rational investment and the love of spiders in Shanghai, the so-called scientific and reasonable is good and put love spiders in Shanghai, are better able to serve their users, to optimize the effect so that it can shoot two hawks with one arrow, your website can to get the driving force for sustainable development. How can you do this?

love Shanghai spiders actually have lots of hate content, such as mentioned before keywords superposition, black chain and garbage many chain or through the Trojan link to attract her attention. Although this can make love.

taboo love Shanghai

three, don’t touch the spider

now our website optimization often appear two extremes, one is many webmaster much attention to web design, the content of construction, there is great importance but ignore user love Shanghai spider phenomenon, as long as your site quality is good, it is not afraid of deep alley. So spend a lot of time to engage in some of their love of the original content. The other is a comprehensive combination of love Shanghai spiders preferences, to conduct a comprehensive stimulus, such as through the keywords stack, black chain and the chain of garbage together, trying to make their sites will be able to get the best ranking in a very short time.

for the love of spiders in Shanghai, from the name can be seen on the spider love taking fresh ingredients for many websites on the Internet on the content, is actually a spider ingredients, if the content is very weak, or the content of the Internet is widely existed in the content, so the spider can feel flat and uninteresting content. So in order to attract the high frequency of the spider’s attention, one important way is to put fresh content. These contents are usually some original high quality content, it is difficult to find the same content from the Internet, but it is useful for the majority of users. This content will often let Shanghai spider love love. Generally speaking the contents of this website is better, but for the grassroots webmaster, it seems a little high, so every day or every two days one or two high quality content is able to meet the demand of the spider.