Google search algorithm not friendly to the mobile terminal ranking will drop

Google said in February this year, the upcoming adjustment of the search algorithm. Google said: "the adjustment will affect the movement of all language of global search, and of our search results have a significant impact." (Li Li

algorithm adjustment does not affect the tablet computer and the PC side of the search results. However, due to the mobile search Google search engine has accounted for half of the number of search, many websites will pay attention to the adjustment of Google. If you failed to keep pace with the Google algorithm adjusted, many websites will pay a heavy price. For example, last year when Google released the Panda 4 upgrade, including the eBay brand’s performance are affected.

online test shows that the EU’s Europa website did not do "friendly to mobile terminal". Some text size on the site is too small, the link arrangement too close, and the width of the content is wider than the screen.

The Search Agency online marketing company UK gabriau · Linali (Gabrio Linari) said: "there is no mobile terminal for the optimization of the website will not appear on the first page, and a good site in the mobile terminal will occupy their position." A survey shows that users rarely visit in search results on the first page of the website.

from the beginning this Tuesday, Google will be on the mobile search results ranking algorithm to update, "further support to end friendly to mobile website, which does not meet the standards of the site in search results will decline.

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Network Analysis Corporation Pi-Datametrics Sam · Hill Wood Koop (Sam Silverwood-Cope) said: "the enterprises need to treat in the right way." But he believes that a period of time the adjustment will continue, then it will ultimately determine". Therefore, many companies invested heavily in redesigning the site before watching the adjustment will bring what kind of results.


search engine optimization experts expect not to prepare for this site will be affected. Ironically, the EU is also likely to be among the sites. Last week, the EU antitrust Commissioner accused Google of abusing the leading position in the search market.

technology news Beijing time on April 20th morning news, Google this week will significantly adjust the search engine algorithm the mobile terminal, which is likely to have an impact on many websites, including Microsoft and the European Union website.


mobile marketing company Somo, many large companies in the world will be affected by the new algorithm of Google, including luxury brand Versace, many technology website including Microsoft Windows Phone, Legal and and General and other Financial Services Company.