On 2013 we should be how to deal with the love of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm

In 2011

launched Google panda algorithm, aimed at reducing the low quality content of the website ranking, 2012 Google launched the penguin algorithm, the main purpose is to fight spam chain. Love has been in Shanghai to follow the practice of Google, so the launch of Scindapsus algorithm is not strange, Penguin its role and Google similar. But eventually, after we do Shanghai dragon can only do the white hat Shanghai dragon, the user experience is always the truth, high quality original content is to insist on doing. Spam links to do less, for Links requirements are raised, the correlation is the first factor to consider, in fact, these people.

second: eventually, the user experience is king

in the past we can buy a lot of high quality links to improve the keywords ranking, do not need high quality content, the new station can still get good rankings, but now Scindapsus algorithm introduced, link not only can not get a good ranking is down right by chance K station may also increase. But on an angle, Scindapsus algorithm also played a link purification market, then link the phenomenon will gradually disappear, so for those of us who Shanghai dragon is a good thing, because only the good keywords better content and user experience to the


yesterday saw a news: February 19, 2013 is the first working day of 2013 is that most people love Shanghai, launched the first new algorithm: 2013 Scindapsus algorithm, the main purpose of everybody is very clear, is to crack down on link trading behavior, with the love of Shanghai to crack down on the link of trading behavior, I think the sale of industry links dying. To tell the truth, do almost all of Shanghai Longfeng personal webmaster friends or link experience, but if you love Shanghai to ban this behavior, I’m afraid we have to accept. If you buy a link will be K station, so naturally, not many people dare to buy links, many rely on link profitable website, for example: like Ali slightly such links the sale site only wait for death, there are many similar sites slightly ali. So for those of us do Shanghai Longfeng colleagues, should look at how to love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm? How to deal with the love of Shanghai green

: the first algorithm will purify messy link Scindapsus market

ranking! algorithm?

review love Shanghai algorithm in 2012, personal feeling features the largest in the content on the site requirements, such as the "love Shanghai Raiders" with Web2.0 anti spam. You can guess about love Shanghai in 2013 the focus of rectification is to link algorithm, has been in the industry of Shanghai Longfeng is a very important part of the link: sale market, many websites and links to the sale of intermediary can illustrate this point, before the love of Shanghai might just turn a blind eye, and now Shanghai wants to love a hard blow up this link trading market.