Now on the personal blog of Shanghai Longfeng optimization as well as the future of it

if the content from the point of view, personal blog in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is extremely important, but if only rely on the construction of the chain, relying on the website structure optimization, and the optimization of some of the details of the work, these do meticulous, it can let the user get help, because the user login personal blog is the key to read the content, which can help solve all kinds of problems of their own. If the personal blog content is a lot of fuss, or copying other sites, or lied, stray Trinidad, no matter how rich the content, the website optimization details of how good, it is very difficult to impress users, more able to attract loyal customers.


when our personal blog has high quality content, in addition to the traditional Shanghai Longfeng optimization, can make the content as far as possible appearance in Shanghai love results page, as well as enhance the content may display page ranking, that is to say, the need for optimization of the personal blog of Shanghai dragon. Also we need to pay attention to the content of the diversified share, especially micro-blog and WeChat will use the full advantage of these new carriers, the power of the media to get more traffic. >

so many people engage in a personal blog, want simply by Shanghai dragon optimization to success is impossible. In fact, from the perspective of the optimization of Shanghai dragon, the chain and content construction is still the key work, also need to pay attention to the optimization of the site architecture, the work for the construction of personal blog, nature is very important, is also the focus of the work. Especially, for the personal blog, its content has become the lifeblood of the development, and those so-called Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques to high, if there is no high quality content is hard to succeed.

not only so many operations of personal blog webmaster love in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and think that Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a very high cost, and now engage in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, want to use the black hat optimization of simple, rapid increase in ranking has been very difficult to succeed, only to invest enormous time and energy to white hat optimization, but unfortunately, even insist on white hat optimization for a long time, a personal blog to get more traffic is very difficult.

from the media is very popular in recent years, but unfortunately many independent blog did not become a success from the media, but the WeChat public account, micro-blog official number has gained great popularity and become worthy of the name from the media, many independent blog still hard on.

thus, the key lies in the operation of personal blog content, but with good content but do not know how to promote, it is difficult to get more traffic, and promote the optimization in Shanghai Longfeng, can also promote innovation, especially in the mobile Internet environment, the promotion of innovation is more important, this let’s get rid of the key PC personal blog application, because for the mobile Internet, but also hope to have a higher quality of the content.