About Shanghai dragon life cannot do without the three points of attention

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then, as Shanghai dragon, how much of your friends and contacts, this point, often reflect the things that can be found in your blog, for example Links number, such as a number of comments, these are all can see. Friends and contacts, as an essential resource for the owners, after more than a friend, what problems can be directly asked, may need to buy space server, can also be discounted, may need to take new area can get a free link, which can be seen, and I find the Shanghai dragon friend, you some love your own friends, said his Shanghai dragon story, but not hackneyed and stereotyped expressions record the daily life, and what I did, what I was thinking, and things, I think this is the idea of man, rather than looking at the theorists, too much pressure.

first, you pay attention to what people say as Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon as I most concern is the ranking, ranking all is Shanghai dragon, wood block ranking, meaning Shanghai dragon; ranking, and ranking, ranking when we are holding a go, do not want anything else is this? Often, love Shanghai big change, I stand, what does it become tomorrow, PR changes, I stand and what a day, or a small report, but these reports, I need a big report, a general report that meaningful; what about, as Shanghai dragon, I love Shanghai every update, regardless of rank is high or what, why is there such a thing, especially the site down the right, is the most meaningful analysis After all, these are the bomb is to manually one by one out, and find and search is a concern, now most on the site right down the space is the key ah, ah, ah title, etc., is wood updated fresh, or more statistics, and I have a habit of statistical information, structure, large quantities of Web site statistics, the problem is the structure or the chain, or the content, so in this respect, as long as you live, there are definitely,

there are areas of concern, change of nobility baby, believe nobility baby every time the update, will give you a hint of nobility; most baby administrator’s guide has been described, the knowledge update, is the best paradise. IT news, business news, Taobao, etc., between the webmaster of the event, and so on, should be as Shanghai Longfeng areas of concern, because these are you writing as soft and resources.

Shanghai dragon is a concern of the industry, after all, everyone is very hard to do rankings, write very carefully, very carefully to do the text, while here, I said three attitude about Shanghai dragon life cannot leave it, not outside the chain, but is not content. In life should face the problems and problems that we should think about, is all this time you’ve been thinking and looking for differences.