The website should be five ways to attract spiders

new concept of quality content is king for the emperor" Keywords:

second optimization pay attention to grasp the "degree" of

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first, adhere to the "

network promotion has not been so easy, the search engine is more and more strict, the love of spiders in Shanghai has become more and more smart, our website development is good or bad, more or less traffic, ranking before or after the income or rely on meager, is love Shanghai loyalty to your site spider if you can, attractive website every day to attract the spider and included your site information, then your website development can be said to a bright future. But as the saying goes, "the future is bright, the road is tortuous" so what should we do to attract the spider? Here I am with the webmaster to discuss my method of

third: adjust the structure of web pages

often said "when saying" actually do anything, should pay attention to the problem of a degree. This page is to optimize the website keywords, many webmaster think more keywords then love Shanghai included will be more rankings will be faster, in fact it is a wrong idea. If a web page title, page set of keywords too much, the search engine will call it cheating, will be punished. In fact, the arrangement of the key words in general is one to four, it is best to control in three or less, so the love of spiders in Shanghai may also be more willing to climb to your site. So the optimization of the key words, we must pay attention to the "degree" of the grasp.

"content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence you for having heard it many times. But now to talk about another saying "quality content is king for emperor" say this is a reason. The content and quality are complementary and indispensable. The content of a web site is the biggest guarantee to attract users, if the user enters your website, show in front of only scanty content, so the user will have confidence in this website? Of course not content is king, the magic of high quality content is to attract users. Love Shanghai spiders is a focus on user experience, one can attract the attention of the user of the site, but also caused the attention of the spider love Shanghai. So for the content of the website we must renew on time, constantly enriched, with some new content to attract users to retain users. But one thing is must pay attention, do not collect other stations, that you may not do for others, and secondly, love Shanghai very disgusted spiders on this behavior. There are some right down, and the solution to this problem is to improve the content of the original. Remember the love Shanghai spiders love fresh food, not love not love to eat more vegetables overnight, others eat something.

web page structure is clear, largely determines the spider crawling on your web site. Shanghai love spider is a very picky animal. A concise page is like a spider out of the net. "