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of course including the June 18th BRIC grab, everyone rushed to grab at the same time, very interesting. Of course, this is an advertisement with Taobao’s relationship, there is no people on the streets and does not mean that there is no shopping. Taobao is through this a series of means, training the user’s habits. Are these not worthy of our learning website? If your website can have such a fan, that is do not think the success is difficult.

such as Taobao said staying-up late on new year’s Eve buyers at the same time, about ten million people rushed into the Taobao grab things, like the war, too exciting, very exciting, very interesting. Can buy things at this time there is a sense of personal accomplishment, to see so many people I can not grab grab, how proud ah. Just like another did not grab the users said, I just rushed to see a love of their jackets, feel very love, but still cautious about the price than to amoy. After the price came back, the product sold out, is not easy to find for a long time to find a love, just want to buy server downtime. Once again rushed out, the next time the opportunity to revenge himself, let others not grab. Taobao is making such a shopping atmosphere, and is no longer a simple shopping.

actually want to take this topic to talk about the site if the cultivation of user groups, and a group of loyal users. First, we must have the website to attract users, these are basic. With this premise, we have to interact with the user, such as with some QQ group with our website fans to communicate, listen to their views.

double eleven turnover of 19 billion 100 million, creating the history, in fact, I think this is a accumulation. Not that easy, but in fact there are many worthy of our webmaster it is worth learning or reference in the operation of the site in the process of experience. In Taobao and some news websites often see this powerful title to Taobao chop hands". When the double eleven also saw a seller to issue such a voice or not abide by their commitments, still in the Taobao bought thousands of dollars of products. Double eleven arrived when about ten million people have poured into the Taobao and Taobao why so crazy, staying-up late on new year’s Eve, why online shopping addiction, but this is Taobao with long-term culture is closely related to the user habits.

the second is to allow users to participate, the Internet now is the Web2.0 era, the user needs to generate content, comments or submission can. Now I see in micro-blog speed transit network operation is good, every day by a columnist recently launched the most popular, we are most concerned about the topic, let everyone participate in the discussion. This can produce content, but also let everyone learn more things, also can make more friends, if I have learned on this topic, basically will go on the road. This vision is more open. For the fans’ loyalty will be greatly improved, considerable effect.