The Shanghai dragon novice website optimization bottleneck

title:title plays the most important part in the whole Shanghai Longfeng optimization, there is no one. A website of the title content is to tell the user and search engine website is engaged in what kind of website, and determine the contents of the title search engine optimization to determine the nature of the site, if the site is Shanghai dragon optimization, then the site title will be set to Shanghai Longfeng information.

two, 301 redirect:

keywords:keywords is the keyword of the website, is a display of search engine. When the keywords keyword is piled up early has a very good effect on ranking, of course it is black hat, Google, YAHOO first to declare keywords has not occupied ranking. Love Shanghai although there is no public statement, but keywords in Shanghai ranking has no effect, only keywords function only in the webmaster tools to facilitate the query keyword ranking. I >

Know the

four, title, keywords, Description:

301 for a solid enough basis for friends who don’t understand what it means, I explain to you, as we often visit a website, accustomed to the input with the WWW URL, but we tend to ignore without www. We all know the domain name registration, without the WWW web site is a domain name with WWW, and the site is two level domain name, because the user’s operating habits, we used to enter the URL of the time with WWW, so the WWW website has inherited the weight level domain name, we in order to better gather weight don’t take the WWW. Use 301 redirect to take WWW. The weight so as not to web, more conducive to Shanghai dragon.

URL give you the feeling that a web site, many novice ignored Shanghai Longfeng optimization on URL, the first to know the search engine spiders crawling is URL. The suffix URL is very important for Shanghai Longfeng effect, the shorter the suffix optimization more favorable. URL can be divided into dynamic and pseudo static, love Shanghai optimization guide said, regardless of the dynamic and static, but under the same conditions to give priority to capture the static page. For example: "when a photographer in the license, is standing people still love making love instead of people?" this don’t need me to explain. The search engine is the same. Static URL is very important for Shanghai dragon.

as a rookie when I started Shanghai dragon in this industry, encountered many technical obstacles and bottlenecks, because of a technical bottleneck makes me quite a few detours. As a rookie also let me have a further understanding of Shanghai dragon. Feel slowly back on the right track. Here to share personal in Shanghai Longfeng novice website optimization bottleneck.

and URL: