We need to consider the details of the main points of the new planning optimization before

second, the website structure layout to meet user habits and reptiles.

I believe that if you create a site in order to save and collect a lot of content rather than a waste of energy to the construction site, can use other marketing methods eliminates the need to add article trouble. Since the site planning and the spider, this we can not sit still, the source material first we want to update the good article, such as the enterprise itself happened, industry news summary, detailed product function display, enterprise itself case sharing and so on, these are all can improve the material source of the content of the website the value of the key is to see whether his intention to actually do so, want to do a website, try to own more original content. In the process of news articles or products in the writing of the best into the web site keywords, as much as possible to search long tail keywords to write, and not think of what.

first, first of all to the in-depth understanding of enterprise products. Planning website before, must understand that the company hope that through the website to bring you what? Brand promotion, improve product visibility, widely accepted, these are we need to think of the problem, carefully analyze the enterprises in the industry and products, according to the website of the keywords to choose a suitable enterprise is very important. We can refer to the web site, you can through the detailed analysis of some keyword analysis tool, and the excel will form the main keywords, auxiliary keywords and long tail word records, through comprehensive comparison of data and transactions into impact to reasonable selection of appropriate keywords for the website.

third new articles, you should carefully consider the source of the problem.

with the development of electronic commerce, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to put into the tide of the Internet, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise website, Taobao store, micro-blog WeChat marketing aspects into the enterprise Internet marketing strategy, Internet marketing as the most important part of the enterprise website optimization of the key it is self-evident many webmaster, switched to a new company because the company for the little Internet marketing knowledge, even a basic site are not, we have to consider as a business planning to optimize the site this time, specifically how to implement


we know the website structure has a very important significance for the website optimization, website structure must be in line with the user’s reading habits and the spider crawling habit, foundation work construction including the website the best use of div and CSS for the whole code deployment, improve the code utilization, to highlight important contents such as navigation as far as possible, the general site is set to take on the middle and lower structure, divided into the left right or left and right, on the left is a very important information such as news show the product list, directory list, the important contents of either the user or the search engine we have to arrange it to the most prominent position.