Shanghai Longfeng need to adhere to one step at a time

programmer, understand the title, keywords and description file. But every time I was anxious to add articles, all the words are added into the. Every article I have added more than 20 key words, some even more afraid of love, do not know Shanghai search engine. Now think about really silly.

Although he is a

started in the reciprocal space of ASP bought a brother 100 yuan a year, Suman poor. Finally, through the research on the PHP website now Tinghuo, in turn. So, I again with the phpcms content management system, website conversion to PHP I. Such a change, in front of the hard whole waste. But he was not disappointed, after all, also learned a lot of things. I listen to it every night in the crooked free class. Mention this, I would like to say that, I think a lot of things, just started to learn when do not have to pay to learn. Now the age of the Internet, I feel a lot of things to learn through the Internet can 4-5, plus other free courses, enough to reach 6-7 level. The remaining 3-4 layer may be different according to their own personal learning can be paid. But it may be with me there is a relationship between the programmer, it is easy to contact some new technology, not every time to pay the tuition fee in class learning.

said above, people learning how rational use of the Internet in Shanghai dragon, save yourself some money. Here continue to talk about my virgin station, hey. I remember the daily updates about 10 articles from the October 2012, every day outside the chain. Persist in less than 2 months, PR became 3, Shanghai has become a 1 weight of love. But I love Shanghai to add articles is also the second, the snapshot is updated every day. I was very happy at that time. But later, found how to get what didn’t pick up. I began to relax, can not stand. Daily updates are sometimes 1-2, sometimes several days not update. Later, I and a friend chain exchange station. I chatted with the problems. The master told me his daily articles are collected. I am very surprised, do not say that the acquisition of the station site is easy to fall in love with the sea K? How his station why live so good? And this is also the second. Slowly I started looking for a good free collection through the online search tools, many people recommend locomotive acquisition tool. I am in the locomotive official website to download a free version of the. Spent a night and finally to study thoroughly. So, the second day of a collection of articles, are too lazy to add (this is my greatest regret). The beginning is not included, the seconds. But after a few days, although the newly released acquisition.


my occupation is Java programmers, the summer of 2012, I began to do a website, but do not know what a good website. Through several days of consideration, finally decided to do a health class website. At the beginning because too anxious, so in the domain name, website style is simple and rough. A lot of things not to love Shanghai search inside. Slowly to understand a lot of knowledge of Shanghai dragon.