Shanghai Longfeng novice common problems

answer: substantial changes in circumstances, it is recommended to look less dynamic. Continuous observation, fell more than 100, is a day off or a week off. Observe the website to find reasons.

] brand trust

keywords may contain the region, such as "Ji’nan kindergarten". A query keyword ranking place webmaster tools, according to the different areas of the words over, look at how much probability. For example, in Ji’nan found a place in Xi’an, is a place to check.

5, the website internal competition performance is what [multi domain (URL) with the same content, multi page content]

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3, love Shanghai reputation effect. [


1, love Shanghai search URL, found that the home page is K. But the search for a home page of a target keyword, third pages or web page. How to solve what reason? [two forms are completely disappeared, not in the first place]

7, dedec>

Answer: the

6, Sogou included rules and


are divided into two kinds: 1, many different domain name of the website content is the same; 2, the same site multiple URL corresponding with the content of the page, this may be the main problem.

2, why search here a keyword in the home, but in others there is a search page second, and showing a lot of love in front of Shanghai library and encyclopedia. [Key words there are regional differences, regional

significant changes need to pay attention to several factors: 1, changes, the original ranking dropped URL and ranking URL has no change; whether the corresponding, 2, love Shanghai snapshot has no change; 3, the snapshot page content; 4, other websites or competitors have no big fluctuation.


answer: increase the website trust, and to help the brand. In the search list at the end of love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot beside the drop-down menu, there is a "evaluation", with the word of mouth is almost the same, this is somewhat similar to public comment website.

4, suddenly fell 100. [continued observation, find the reasons, continuously updated]

K home page is divided into two kinds: one is the site website, the whole web page again, but can not find the page. For example:贵族宝贝; the second is the site website that home is not the first, but can be found in the back. The problem clearly belongs to the second case.

For example, love Shanghai?

home page has a variety of forms: 1, www.abc贵族宝贝; 2, abc贵族宝贝; 3, www.abc贵族宝贝/index.asp; this form of multi domain performance easy to disperse caused by weight.

: I love Shanghai do, other search engines can do up, pay more attention to the interaction of the main sogou.