The analysis of love Shanghai ranked logic and actual combat

in the 4 months I experiment is a novel site, so the contents of the course are collected, as sure as to how to do the original difference! The chain in the chain of this is not to say, everyone knows. I did a lot of work in the future have been included to slowly increase and speed up the process, also encountered the same problem many webmasters, some are pushing the keyword ranking did not see growth, while others never had words but ran up to the first page. It is depressed, but thought it was unexpected, but a few days but was gone, it is really depressed! This is what causes it?! but this situation is not accidental, but continue to appear

through the analysis of this period of observation, a preliminary conclusion, since this is not accidental, it is inevitable! We all know that love Shanghai small update and update. Of course, do not rule out more subdivision. For the love of Shanghai ranked the logic I always think there is a center is never change, that is to provide users with accurate and excellent content before. So the domain name weight and PR weight is the best love Shanghai high performance website. But love Shanghai might not always put some he once considered excellent content fixed at the front, have excellent website representative always excellent, but also to give the opportunity the opportunity to show some new websites.

update is a good opportunity to get the new station, this time Shanghai will put some love in the short term that "love Shanghai outstanding one in front of the opportunity, this time is to test these new love Shanghai. During this period, Shanghai love spider will pay special attention to your site pages, this time don’t get too excited, this ranking is false, don’t let down, to the ranking page and keyword special attention, and to strengthen the optimization. Of course, this ranking generally will disappear in 2 days -5 days, but until this time the big update spider always will have on your special attention to this page and keyword. So this time must be stable, continuous chain, chain and keep update the original content. As long as you hold this time, this page is in the keyword fast update will have real rank, usually in the 100 page, as you continue to optimize, ranking will continue forward. This is why the key why suddenly no ranking phenomenon. I tried 3 station more than 50 keywords, so basically, so we must pay attention to small updates, and seize this opportunity, if small update some of your keyword rank well, so that the keyword of your page is unique and excellent for the love of Shanghai. So to get good rankings more often than you aimlessly to optimize the effect is.

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today for more than four months of combat and summary of Shanghai dragon. Mainly for everybody analysis about some stationmaster presented his keyword sometimes will appear in the front, but not two days gone phenomenon.