t seems to me that a lot of people into a misunderstanding in the website content

for users of your product is good, maybe I don’t need you to write, see more attributes of the user may not see, and if you are writing to him about things around him and write something he is certainly interested in. You always say that they are and how good it will have Wang Bo praises from selling deficit too well, what is the name of a soft, soft, the most successful.


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but now just turn, along with the progress of search engine, natural language understanding, analysis of the data better, the chain of natural factors will decrease. Especially in social media, mobile Internet transmission, it is content is king, if you put aside the Shanghai dragon, are you going to do when the micro-blog WeChat QQ space marketing, we should be very clear, micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing no technical content. See who’s planning whose content is good, between advertising and content in the mobile Internet era there is no distinction, because everything is content, all advertising, advertising is advertising because not appear the way this opportunity.

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"content is king, the chain for emperor" this is Shanghai dragon circles two years ago the most popular one word, some novice ask some master Shanghai Longfeng do, people will come to such a sentence. But fortunately, this sentence is not popular, but also factors factors of the progress of the times, the progress of the search engine factors, the importance of the chain has been declining, generally in 10 years when a website only to buy some black chain or do some outside the chain can make the rankings do go up, at the time of the content the king just to talk about real ranking plays a decisive role in the chain.

for example to do dog food, what he does, first to find out all the dogs all over the world to find out the China varieties, the best selling dog breeds, these dogs in Chinese lifestyle: season conditions, diet writtenup. He did not do too much introduction too much on their products, we have not emphasized food nutrition, our dog food is what vitamin, but around the dog began. This is a shift in thinking, actually I include myself the same, always write their own product characteristics, our products have advantages, its performance is good, which is what material parameters, etc..

said to the content of the website should be how to do? We must first change the role, this is yesterday I was watching the Du Zijian marketing said, note: Du Zijian is seen in the marketing sector of the cattle god. He said we can if the Internet is a magazine, each of us is who is the editor in chief of the magazine, while surfing on the Internet people are reading magazines. The first is to look at the contents of their needs, instead of buying products, shopping is after reading the content after. So we do not have the order reversed, that the customer is to buy the product, it is to see the content. We preferred to meet his needs, so the thinking website as magazines do I think is very good, I think the next time some of his ideas can chat with you.