How to build a high quality link

is a good platform, the quality of the foreign chain plays a decisive role, if we release in some well-known websites, may also be included, but it is possible to transport weight is very small, if we posted on A5, Sina and other places, so that they included in it, it is recommended, what effect, I have a very clear contrast, published on A5 is sticky, click on the quantity is more than 1000, but in less well-known websites only a few clicks are good, then we reproduced and there is a great gap, which we all know.

good article how to write to me, this is certainly not, we must come from within the experience, such as a lesson, so to help visitors day, or an instant information, such as first love Shanghai algorithm, or website construction or common sense, that is the key technical articles, or are some of the resources, arrange some publishing platform, or some resources website, can let a person get a lot of free resources in the above, so we will be collecting, will be reproduced, is it, anyway, no matter how we have to write, to help others, others really need.

is the most basic, I will not dwell on, I want to say some of the details today, this is the most important.

second: the title of the article, the title will attract people, as in the Shanghai love adjustment phase, if I write "love the sea is.

The I think

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, said today how to built a high quality of the chain, in fact, the chain also directly affect the site’s ranking, the good quality of the chain, we need to do is carefully, first of all to have a good outside chain, then the content must be novel, must be original, and indeed to help, plus the title of the novel, can certainly bring about the quality of the chain.

: the first is the release of the time, it must have a good, my advice is issued in the morning afternoon evening issued a blog, blog, forum, why is this so, do we all love the morning to absorb some of the new knowledge, so go back to some of the major websites, I would love to A5 on the price, the Tencent website look at the knowledge, a little tired this afternoon, a doubling of the blog, the evening is the basic entertainment time, forum and everybody interaction, I think most people are like this, so I was so fundamental to publish, to reprint your own blog is my own, so I will choose the morning the time to do these, we will ask you this is not now in writing about it, today more time at night, nothing to write an article, the morning is the most important.

we all know the chain good, must have a good article, there is a publishing platform, these two aspects can contribute to the good of the chain, of course there are some auxiliary factors, such as time, skills like, but these are the content and platform attachment is good.