Love Shanghai solar storms copycat brand K you anyway

in July 14th, was hailed as the "master grey Thursday", on this day, there are a large number of sites uprooted banned. However, just for the website optimization problem and a punishment made? In fact otherwise, July 14th large range of K stations from love of Shanghai "sun storm". The solar storm special action is a part of love last year, Shanghai launched the "Sunshine Action", which aims to clean up bad information governance in commercial promotion. This time, the focus on cleaning up the "Sunshine Action copycat brand website, part of the site is the cause of the K is obviously.

in recent years, with the rapid development of Internet Chinese, website construction surge in the number of regular brand copycat sites are often a large number of sites of high imitation, even photographed on the beach It is often seen. phenomenon. It may cause the loss of brand website traffic, while copycat websites take the advantage of this false deceive users, and after profiteering. Love Shanghai as the largest China search platform, behoove to hold this platform optimization search task, the "solar storm" is due to punish copycat websites brand website promotion, protection of the normal information are not violated the "Sunshine Action" of.

this Chinese station where is the way out? "The sun storm" gives a more clear answer. High imitation of this practice has become increasingly unsuitable for the development of the Internet, and choose the way more webmaster should focus on "innovation" on the change. However, popular with the trend today, how many webmaster can clearly understand this phenomenon? From each search rules changes after the K number of sites, follow the trend is still serious, copycat is still serious. The Internet is not high elimination rate decides the failure of population is generally higher than the convenience of the Internet society, but people forget the innovation, 95% failure rate of entrepreneurs is also resulting from. Copycat need containment, must also be removed, the Internet is also a green environment is no ground for blame.

the above view is a binary network Beijing Shanghai Dragon (www. Shanghai,


it is understood that the popular protection of Shanghai industries including logistics, Beijing hospitals, education and training, well-known home appliance enterprises. Involving more than 150 trademark protection, about 1400000 key words, and if in the "copycat brand" website will not avoid the end of the end, can be said to be ranked higher and faster death. In the past few years, the brand development is always a piece of fat meat industry owners stared at, and is optimized to the forefront is a lot of benefits for the brand website. So the copycat wind Sheng, followed a pseudo brand brand website may be as little as tens, as many as there are many hundreds. However, this phenomenon can be a brand? Is always a tangle of sex. In addition to do site optimization ranking may be slightly to recoup their losses, there is no law, but the "sun storm" but as "famous brand" is the name.