The important factors of Web site keywords ranking


1, search engine keyword matching according to the web site of the title and content.

keyword and site theme related to this point, everyone must understand, why? Very simple, my site is Shanghai dragon blog, if the words of hardware, the search engine that which one? Of course is Shanghai dragon class key words, the method is also the same applies to the chain, if we release the chain website in Shanghai Longfeng hardware platform B2B, a search engine that will be garbage outside the chain, so a long time, the more links, the ranking also played the opposite role.

is the second, often do the chain of friends all know, only when the keyword of the website (link) appeared in the middle of the other sites, search engines will think the webmaster is recommended in this link, then the site within the same. Keywords appear in the middle, the search engine will think the keyword layout is reasonable, and will give the key words to give some rankings.

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search engine for web awareness. For example, code, website open speed, JS (CSS) loading rate, as well as the search engine on the web page retrieval speed, we have to do is to optimize the site open speed, to "little use of JS (CSS) code do not use, such as my previous blog template, is now using the official built-in template blog, open speed is much faster than before, the only way to make search engines as possible bytes grab some web pages;


when we write a content to the site, the first title in the key words, why? Because the title is in the rankings, only when we want to optimize the key word in the title, so that the specific keywords ranking to improve;

web site search engine for identification and degree

as a Shanghai dragon Er, every day we do is to optimize the website ranking, but why not get keywords ranking is? On this point there may be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is not very clear, so today Hangzhou Shanghai dragon Chen Baowen to share an important factor of website keywords ranking.


keyword optimization of a web site, is the first station to pay special attention to this keyword, keyword density is not too big, but outside the station to do the key vote through the two points can improve the specific keywords ranking.


search engine for the picture of the cognitive or not, so we have to do is to add the alt attribute pictures (logo), using the alt attribute to tell search engines this picture represents what it means, in addition to note is the same page if there are multi picture alt attribute for each image is not the same, "

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