The reform strategy Taobao customers that you start it

I will according to the website of millet mobile phone shell 贵族宝贝nmiyou贵族宝贝 I explain to you what I do:

take a look at my website column page:

Objective: Hello this is something I have to do these days, some conclusions obtained for Taobao and some passengers who need some Taobao guests suggestions, today will come together and discuss the study, we write something I do not know to be a reference to some of the Taobao. Guest friends, also hope to help you.

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later to make a promotion of the use is the single page mode, is the choice of several high commission products on Taobao, and some open source integration at the site of the head (usually Dede) this is a good promotion methods, but he still have some shortcomings, we put restrictions the quantity of the goods, do not allow users to find more suitable for their goods, this in the era of the user experience, this method is not perfect, because too few goods.

method and second kinds of the above I said almost, the only difference can be divided into two points:

you may feel contradiction, since or call data, also don’t let the shielding included, we have what love Shanghai included.

because N years ago Taobao guest is very popular, so soon there are many Taobao customer program was born, because Taobao customer program only need to input some data in the background, you can build a do not need to update a product site, so he was a lot of people, because he is really convenient and easy, but the problem happened, because too many people use the same type of site caused by too much, and call the contents of all is the same, so the repeatability is too high, also from Shanghai began to love some tired of this kind of program, that is to say now and then this kind of site Taobao is not the guest.

at this time, some people may ask, what is a good way to do it, oh, this is a kind of method, today I want to share out, everyone can see clear.

is my goods or directly call Taobao, ensure the large number of commodity. To achieve a better user experience.

we all know that in a few years ago, Taobao customers can be said to be a good is also relatively easy to make money project, it is because of this so many webmaster have born, of course also let many people have tasted the sweetness of. And now with the change of search engine, Taobao customers also face greater test station, it can be said that almost the majority of owners have been K, is it really is time to Taobao off time? Following up analysis.

two, robots.txt blocked all call Taobao