The three core problems of marketing need to solve

third, the soft release channel. This is a key part of marketing, because it is a good soft Wen also need to conduct propaganda, if the publicity is not well, the soft effect is difficult to play. Many marketing researchers believe, just need to find relevant high-end platform for publishing on the line. The idea itself is not what mistakes, but also to take into account the cost, because.

second, how to find the corresponding soft material. When learned basic soft writing skills, the rest is to find the corresponding soft material, because if there is no suitable material, it is difficult to write into the user psychology text, that is to say, it is difficult to have a good marketing effect. The following brief introduction on the sources of soft material. We can find from the YY voice chat room. By looking for some topics of interest to listen and make notes and make a summary, and then summarize the content of these further fullness, can become a good soft material. Then you can find related articles and materials from the industry point of view, and then write the corresponding industry comments, and insert the relevant ads on this site. Finally, it can be combined with the love of Shanghai on the Billboard Hot content, these content is an important material for writing.

marketing is an important way of current network marketing, through marketing can not only effectively improve your search engine ranking, more critical is also can effectively enhance the brand website, and brand effect produced by marketing are more durable, more can enhance the attractiveness of the user. Of course, marketing also has its own risk, for example, once you write a soft text content of poor quality, the choice of the platform is not good, it will have a negative effect on marketing.

first, write high quality soft wen. This is a key step of marketing, then what kind of quality is not high, usually have the following conditions?. The first is the title of the article must be attractive enough, of course, this does not mean to attract people to a party, but the title to write more clearly, it also summarizes the content, on the basis of some attractive words will be given, so that it can achieve the effect of improving the attractiveness of the title. Then is to insert some relevant advertisement content, the ads must be content and soft for seamless integration, such as the narrative of the story, talking about a very important items, and the items that best brand effect, the user in reading the soft, can be affected by consciously, and produces the corresponding purchase. Of course, the layout is also important, reasonable layout can increase the attraction to the user, allowing users to generate sustained reading desire.

so, marketing can bring good results to the site, but once the use is not correct, it will bring negative influence to the optimization and management of the site, here is a concrete analysis of how to correctly carry out the marketing. Play a positive effect of soft marketing, should from the following three aspects.