360 browser plug in first webmaster tools experience

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Webmaster Tools plugin

1, first look at the 360 true

5, safety inspection, application of 360 good Webmaster Tools plugin, do not comment on

6, overall, 360 of the existing plug-in webmaster tools should also function less, for example, can not check Links, not Shanghai Longfeng detection, but the 360 browser market share is good, the 360 Webmaster Tools plugin should be a lot of people to use.

3, look at the website information function, I used to compare the chinaZ webmaster tools, enter the website www.***贵族宝贝 view, we found 360 Webmaster Tools plug-ins to achieve query and chinaZ webmaster tools are similar, the result of some error, the chain in the YAHOO 360, a total of 386, while the chinaZ Webmaster Tools found 346 a.

4, keyword search function, enter the URL to view, chinaZ webmaster tools search keywords function is relatively complicated, need to set the value of a lot, for example: to choose which browser ah, to see how many rankings in 360 ah, but as long as the input of websites and keywords, can list the commonly used search engine rankings, this function I think 360 to do better, we can see the specific.




2, currently 360 plug-in webmaster tools only 5 functions: the website information, query keywords, security detection, whois query,

query for the record



The original


360 browser launched Webmaster Tools plugin provides a tool for optimizing the operation of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, we come together to experience.