From the Yu Jun product concept extended to the website user experience

12 product concept in Yu Jun’s view, perhaps for some is not in line with the Shanghai dragon, but there are a few points when we consider the user experience of this piece is very effective.

9. to the user experience is expected to stabilize.

From the What do the

7. users are difficult to educate, to cater to the user, not the users.

11. the user as a fool, do not allow users to think and choose, think well in advance for the user.

8. the biggest concern of most users, beyond the competitors, the key point of rapid on-line, continuous improvement in practice.

6., is often more important than deciding what to do.

5. needs, rather than creating demand.

2. stand in the user perspective.

two, the user as a fool

4. the pursuit of results, do not use the things.

10. if you are not sure what to do, how do first learn from others.

to the user, so we should stand in the user’s point of view to consider in the construction, the users want to show something in the easiest to find places, such as the home position, put some of the more important user products or content, directly used in the home page, allowing users to more easily in fact, this is found; the primary consideration, not at the beginning of our website, we can first sketch to form several important part of drawing our website, such as mining keywords user needs, to create an important page navigation bar, product display and so on.


3. user experience is a complete process.

12. do not give the user does not want something, any useless things are harmful to the user.

1.PM is the first user.

, from the user’s perspective

a lot of things we may feel the operation is very simple, but the face of the.

Our website is With the improvement of

Yu Jun (former president of Shanghai love products 12 product concept

search engine algorithm, the user experience of this piece is more and more pay attention to it, is not ideal packing, the support of the chain effect sometimes only by keywords, so we need to consider the users of this one, the station adjusted better, to optimize the crucial role of; the user experience, is indeed a people a headache, because each person’s personality and ideas are different, we may feel that the internal optimization is very in line with the user’s taste, but the real from the user’s point of view, may not be the most ideal state, today’s 12 product concept of love before Shanghai President Yu Jun, benefited from the first show: