From five aspects about how to do the site is k

K station is a measure of the search engine on the web is the most severe, we need to understand the principle. Love is not the sea K station without any reason, general ZhengZhan be K, website to return to the original state of the possibility is not great, unless you have a very strong determination to ensure you have confidence on the site. The whole station is K, the love of Shanghai is a general index record of your website deleted or is put in a black box in the database, over a period of time, if the site does not do any better change, he will delete the index records in the database. According to this, we have several methods, we must first index spider to your website, the method is: to bind a domain name, and then submitted to the search engine, of course, the content of the website for the domain name or the original site, link address can also be used. The release of the chain at the same time, to the new domain name to each big forum, website links, can be directly "from" this can, no need to publish the anchor text. Another common method is to modify the robots file, no spiders index site, change greatly and then to the site title, keywords, description, and some plates can also do the modification, the content page list page also need to do this, generally 15-30 days, re open the site, equivalent to a new station continue to operate the

we can call K. General K before will have a warning signal. The website snapshot not update, update website content is not included so that. General home page is the K reason is that several kinds: from the outside: the number of the chain is not related to more than 50% of the total data chain, then the site was undoubtedly K. Buy a one-way link. From the site: internal website optimization degree high [keywords accumulation, Links right down the website or homepage is generally caused by illegal], these two reasons are K. Solution: check the external links, check Links, check their website content optimization. Delete the site bottom back chain. At the same time, add the first page links in the column page, the inside pages need >

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this article will tell you how strong do website is k solution. The love of Shanghai is good for the Internet to a certain extent, in order to present the regulation of the Internet messy content, to the current Internet search results ranking has made great changes, at the same time, we not only stay in love Shanghai daily attention ranking, more is the inner content we need to do their own site, in order to increase user experience as a fundamental purpose of

first case: the station by K, commonly known as hair

fell in love with the sea K station after what is a good way? Many of my friends are in consultation with us, we give you a definite answer: love of Shanghai K station is a punishment for the site, there are light weight, here, we might as well be the site right down into small K website lost lost in the home page, the page we can call K.

two, the home page is K