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therefore, we can come to a specific view: what entrepreneurs are refusing venture capitalists, and why are they refusing?. Perhaps, how much will give entrepreneurs and VCs some reference?.


one, enterprise "not bad money."". Like the bottom of the sea. Such companies will refuse VC at the start, for two reasons. First, cash flow is sufficient, there is no need for capital injection. Two, the expansion of such enterprises is not just the expansion of the capital level, for example, the core competitiveness of the submarine is the service, the need for training of people, the need is time, not capital.

two, enterprises involved in gray income. For example, the business model and profit sources are not open to public information, such enterprises will also be closed to investors.

believes this annual fee problem exists in other bank credit cards, and different credit card fees are different.

this month because no brush over 6 times so I had deducted hundreds of annual fee. At that time I was on business, and then use the 139 mailbox mail can be seen on the phone, and I know that this month I still have consumption, and then hit the China Merchants Bank credit card customer service phone, to find out the specific situation. I argue for the bank customer service staff said that before did not receive any annual fee to text or email them tips, so this is a trap for us for a long time, grinding haoshuidaiyue their customer service had agreed to deduct my annual return to me, this is for my consumption five time even once, is their customer case.

investor’s attitude: no alternative. Gui Shuguang expresses, this kind of enterprise is in fact a lot of, once encountered Beijing suburb the enterprise that does daily consumption goods

yes, since the angels can gang a book called "why I want to invest in you", the entrepreneurs should also have emboldened to ask "why should I accept your investment". Not all the enterprises must accept the venture, not all businesses are suitable for venture capital, not all venture entrepreneurs are worthy of acceptance — of course, there is a sentence: not all refused to venture entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial projects are really hard".

three, companies do not understand vc. Many private enterprises are so, especially in traditional industries, in underdeveloped areas, because entrepreneurs do not understand the concept of investment channels, no large-scale financing, they are more willing to use the bank and even the traditional way of financing loan friends.

The attitude of

investor attitude: wangyangxingtan. For such enterprises most VCs love, must be admitted that if can wait for the money, but the investment is not, such as sea fishing even responsible for the people who are not very helpless.

is one of the most important, is to use a credit card, you must set the transaction password, wait at the hotel checkout must personally check, otherwise easily leaked credit card account, fake members can take advantage of the machine. A few days ago, a colleague of mine, his China Merchants Bank credit card was stolen more than 10000 pieces, but also in the setting of the transaction password under the premise. Although it was successful to negotiate with the bank later, the loss was borne by the bank itself, but as an ordinary customer, it would be very nice of us to be careful. For example, setting up consumer alerts and setting up trading limits for the day are all ways to protect credit cards. Now criminals will use credit card consumption without password loopholes to steal, as well as the use of ATM machines, sets of cards and password keyboard, copy bank cards to steal cash. All kinds of illegal means emerge in an endless stream, in short, those who use cards all caution, beware of fooled.


popular camera application Camera+ founder John · venture capital casasanta rejected a few days ago, also called "swearing, not love investors as the company set the direction", "fuck the wind", micro-blog has become one of the hot.

investors: investors will still try to contact, and try to discuss a circumvention method with enterprises, such as the related transaction to the third parties to do. But if these methods of avoiding work, not only investors will withdraw, enterprises will take the initiative to outside investment, because once the capital come in, will require disclosure of listed companies listed, and the enterprises don’t want to do.

also, there’s a handling charge: when you overdraw with your credit card, or take cash, the service charge is very high. According to my experience, CITIC Bank’s credit card withdrawals, the handling fee of 3%. Don’t think 3% less, usually take more than 1000, at least you want to deduct 30 poundage, you two days meal cost will be gone.

thanks Jerry investment executive director GUI dawn, according to his own experience, he refused to venture entrepreneurs reason to do a very good review for us:

annual fee: many credit cards will be shown to you as soon as you first use them. As long as you charge 6 times, you can avoid the annual fee. But you have to do card salesman will explain to you, if you don’t brush 6 cards would buckle fee how much. So the trap is coming. Generally when using a credit card over half a year, I don’t remember what brush several cards, and very easy to forget the credit card do card time is not a year from now. So, when you are in a year no brush over 6 cards, and to pay an annual fee for one year, the bank credit card center will automatically on your credit card annual fee deduction.