2014 let us continue to adhere to the white hat Shanghai Dragon

third: high quality links or less

second: adhere to the original quality content

"the chain for the emperor, content is king, love Shanghai against low quality link efforts never weakened, from Ali K was slightly enough to see the love of Shanghai in the sale of the market to link Shanghai, love will never hesitate, because that is the black hat Shanghai dragon, money makes the mare, money can make good rankings? Love Shanghai this part of the black hat site NO said, but this does not mean love Shanghai against all links to clarify the object is only love Shanghai against low quality chain and business chain link, never abandon high quality, so what is the high quality of the chain? I think >

search technology and constantly improve the user experience, more and more important, can be compared to the information sites and portals, their ranking is still strong, which is why, because this kind of site content of high quality, very focused on user experience, providing valuable information for users, and said the website structure optimization:? The answer is yes, in order to increase the user experience, good website structure analysis of positioning suggested sites on the front line, how to be, it is necessary to consider the user’s habits, classification, contents, can not allow users to point to, very troublesome, also affect the user experience. In addition, the website structure adjustment should be beneficial to the spider crawling.

website optimizationWith


love Shanghai almost every update, with both a large number of low-quality pages fall, Copy Collection nightmare. Love in Shanghai is also constantly enhance their user experience, better quality content to users, allowing users to quickly search that you want to find things, otherwise, love Shanghai sooner or later replaced by other user experience good search engine, so until Shanghai dragon team ice Ze remind everybody, adhere to the original to provide quality, avoiding plagiarism, abandon, low quality, of course, if there is a very good foreign language ability, also can not personally write original articles, translation is very good for everyone to provide quality content is also very good. No matter how to love Shanghai adjustment algorithm, its ultimate aim is to customer service, so the user experience is the everlasting development of the Internet, any time will not change. So we need to enhance the user experience on the site to increase website weight. To provide quality content at the same time, the site monitoring data, like the bounce rate, residence time and so on, are very important to study the website viscosity.

along with the changing love Shanghai algorithm, the search technology continues to improve, more and more waste site is down right, even the hair is pulled out, how to adjust to be able to cope with a series of changes to love Shanghai, I want to say is, if you just started to do the white hat Shanghai dragon, not afraid of Shanghai algorithm the change, because eventually, no matter how change is around the user experience, this is the everlasting truth. So long as we do is Shanghai white dragon, then continue to stick to it.