The effect of different weights of the domain name for the love of Shanghai

now love Shanghai for included贵族宝贝/.net and other commonly used domain name is very fast. A new website has some original content, appropriate to send some outside chain, will soon be collected. Love Shanghai included in the org domain name domain name is more friendly than com.

With the increase of

domain names by love Shanghai examples of discrimination, are the domestic webmaster love cheap domain result. A more extreme example is the.Tk free domain name, so many want to do and don’t want to make people start to register tk. The garbage station is very rampant, which also led to the last love of Shanghai "

.Info because GoDaddy launched a cheap discount registration, about RMB four or five dollars can be registered to a.Info domain, therefore, many do station group and garbage station stationmaster friends also took aim at it. Flood garbage stations, let love Shanghai for info with greatly reduced. Although.Info domain name preferential reduced, and love for Shanghai.Info domain name discrimination seems to continue. A new info domain name, the normal website, about half a month to record love Shanghai. The same content.Info station weights will be lower than贵族宝贝.

.Cn domain name in 07 years, 08 years, since the launch of a piece of money registration discount, use the.Cn domain name has become one of the most economical choice of station. After that, a lot of garbage stations use the.Cn domain name. The emergence of a large number of garbage stations, making love for Shanghai.Cn domain collection has become more cautious. Obviously, to make people feel that the general station with.Cn domain name weight as贵族宝贝. However, later the.Cn domain name registration fee returned to normal, and personal registration restrictions, making use of the high threshold of.Cn domain,.Cn domain name of the site overall quality is relatively increased. Now love Shanghai for.Cn domain collection has been normalized, many webmaster reaction weights are better than贵族宝贝.

domain name registered users,贵族宝贝 suffix short easy to remember domain name resources nearly exhausted, the second best choice of net/.cn/.org domain name to do portal and everyone is already accustomed to things. In order to find a more brief and more consistent with the site name and location of the domain name, personal webmaster in recent years began to use a lot of some of the original is not the mainstream of domain name suffixes, such as.Info,.Cc,.Tk,.In,.Biz,.Co,.Tv,.La and so on. Especially the personal blog, the domain name suffix is all kinds of. Then use different domain name, for the love of Shanghai included will not affect the

? as a branch of the.Cn series, because the government is special, so there is no such domain name, station of a class of negative factors group. Love Shanghai more trust However, only the government organs, it is convenient to register.