Shanghai Longfeng choice choose effective strategies or correct strategy

now, Baidu to buy links and create fake social signals although in the treatment, but there is no satisfactory effect, in this case, your choice will choose Shanghai dragon, effective strategy is the right strategy? "

but the correct strategy is not in Shanghai, "short" to ensure that you can get the desired effect, because your competitors may take effective Shanghai dragon strategy, but this strategy is effective in Shanghai dragon belongs to the black hat Shanghai dragon, the black hat Shanghai dragon although not correct, but it is effective the.

what is the correct strategy of Shanghai dragon? Is that your website will make improvement from the ground, and physical fitness, nature can gain the advantage of the search rankings.

, you will choose the effective method is the right strategy of

Baidu told you is wrong to create fake social signals, but if others create fake social signals can effectively improve the search rankings, how do you do

is an effective strategy to correct the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon strategy, some time is not equal. Maybe you should say, a lot of time is not equal.

Baidu tells you that you can’t buy a link, but the purchase link still really, you buy

you have no way to adhere to the correct strategy and not because of Shanghai dragon, in violation of the provisions of the Shanghai dragon and tempted? Of course, if these Baidu search engine for violation of the provisions of the Shanghai Longfeng effective strategy without treatment, of course, the correct strategy of the Shanghai dragon could not go on.

IF signal (social signals), the social influence of Shanghai dragon, but in the middle of every layer of visitors, if you can create fake social signals and visitors, would you do that?

in the article "link, buy, have established links and earn the trilogy" that link to the last possible to the third state, that is to open up their own can completely control the link. In "every black hat Shanghai dragon is from white hat?" said, just started and found a little bit gray area can obtain good effect, so the effective strategy began to cannot extricate oneself, it really is not correct, may eventually become black hat Shanghai dragon. (more than 2 articles are to the website to search, easy

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why would anyone out of this question: whether we should choose effective strategies or correct strategies? We should not take the right strategy choice effect? We are not choosing the effective strategy is the right strategy? Sorry, we want to tell you: "the right strategy and can not guarantee the effective and efficient strategy is not always correct. "